Piecing Sound Bytes Together – Old, Old Trick to Put Words Into Someone’s Mouth

I would like to talk about the KKKer who was at Sprouts this evening. Um – around 5:45. The one who had a brunette walk up to him and give him a kiss. A lady in business attire.

Why would this KKKer come up to me and tell me that I was being rude by keeping the door open – so a car couldn’t park next to me. I think I am perfectly capable of closing the door for someone. Later, after he came out of Staples, he looked awfully smug.

That got me to thinking. Why would someone bring up such a specific mundane issue? Well,?if it were an old spy movie or such, he would have done that because someone is trying to piece together words. This has been done for ages. Very low tech, but with digital, easier than ever. So, was it the word close in close the door? KKKers/Kult Right people, see if you can figure out which word or sound Mr. Smug was trying to get me to say.

By the way – during a trial, a forensic audio person would be able to show where snippets were changed. This is why we have a justice system. Also, a government without a justice system cannot be a Democracy. So, either stop these very illegal activities or accept that YOU are tearing down our justice system. Oh yes! Mob justice – no trial, just straight to execution.

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