Assault, Again

This past winter, I was in line at the grocery store with a good friend. Her mother came into the store. The mother’s coloring was off. She looked like she could faint. Mom said since she was there, her daughter could go home with her.

If Mom had been told or shown?? Any damning information, there didn’t seem to be a problem. So, my friend and I continue to talk about work, go to the movies, go out to eat.

I’ve wondered though, why the frequent phone calls. They seem to occur when my phone has gone dead or when I am in an area of work where I don’t get a good signal. I looked that up. Try this : triangulation of a signal.

So, this friend has taken up the call: became a puppet of the KKK network doing work for the devil. Oh yes – they come right out worship/identify with 666.

Today, I summarized the incidences of Assault that I have gone through. Of course this isn’t enough to even begin to push through the wall my friend has built between “slight possibility” of her “good” friend being set up and accused straight to guilty. I even mentioned that a country without a justice system CANNOT be a Democracy. In fact, our country tilts just so slightly towards the country that she so despises: no trials, people disappear, probably beaten.

Assault: this time around – summer, 2017 probably given a drug called a roofie. You can still find the white kind with no color or taste. I have never experienced such a horrid night before or since. Besides a drug being added to my Many night prescriptions, I was physically assaulted. It may have “just” been touch, but it was without my knowledge. That was the last main event.

Another time I was given a drug at night, I woke up with syncope and broke my ankle. Oh, but any action no matter how horrid is justified when dealing with a “pedophyle”. The thought horrified me so much, I think I have only said it once here. Right? It is justified. After all, our court system isn’t doing its job.

Ah. BUT – you have been played my friend. Played by people who wear the moniker of the devil – 666. Played by people who would use young (and even younger looking) adults and maybe even some brainwashed younger people. Parents. Guess what crime you committed? Might have to do with film. Besides caring more about your group’s agenda over the mental well being of your child. I am making assumptions, but the looks of disgust by other droids had me thinking worst case a while back.

3rd. Crawling on the ground for 5 hours before bed with syncope. WAIT! Five hours. That is not how even significant syncope manifests itself.

Assault. Many, many more – soup at the Marie Calendars in Yorba Linda – whatever causes diarrhea shortly after ingestion. Starbucks – probably fairly high doses of magnesium mixed into my drink. Acts similar to lactose intolerance, but takes too long to kick in. Assault – this afternoon – some drug sprinkled on my hotdog at the theater With salt. My “friend” made a point of commenting on the salt. Used to disguise what? Pure aspirin? That would have given me a stomach ache like the one I had. An abnormal stomach ache. What IF I had not eaten the ice cream?

I think pure aspirin. Let’s see. 2:50 movie. Assault and conspiracy to commit assault. Geez, what a chance you take. Like on the CSI shows when the perpetrator -Kult Right members- don’t take into account certain factors leading to death.

Many truly do not care. Truly. They are the members of the jury and execution squad. Oh, BUT there are members who know everything that has happened going back 21 years. Yep – 21 years.

You do not do God’s work, but man’s work – as a puppet of the KKK.

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