Paralysis, Night Terrors and Spacing Apart the “Release Of Evidence” The KKK/KULT Right

Update: Rohypnol was “featured” on NCIS. Otherwise known as roofies, they are 10 times stronger than Valium.

I recently read a description of how people feel when dosed with a particular drug: paralysis, nightmares (no, more like night terrors). I went through this ONE NIGHT THE SUMMER OF 2016! The following day, I was really shaken up. I started looking up drugs – particularly date-rape drugs, but never could find one that quite fit. I have NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE THAT NIGHT AND HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED IT SINCE. Because I take so many prescribed medications at bedtime, something else could have been mixed with those to cause paralysis and night terrors. Here they are: Effexor, Ambien CR, 2 clonazepam, Lamictal, and sometimes I add in Benadryl.

Imagine how easy it would have been to add something to my effexor. I used to keep by pills in one of those weekly pill holders. Even if something was injected, I might not stir. Let me make myself very clear: the two times that I have ended up in the hospital have been for depression.

Now, I figured out months ago that something had to have been done to me in order to get people to react so high and mighty, disgusted, and stupid (willing to stomp on our Constitution, our legal system, stalk, break HIPPAA laws, Mob, gaslight ….). If it were me committing such a disgusting act, I would try to get “The most bang for my buck.” That means I would release bits and pieces of recordings to keep the fervor going.

Now it makes sense why so many different groups react: disabled, African American kid, Latinos, black haired boys, and more. An African American boy looked at me in terror when I turned around to find my sister during a march. The friend of my “sweet” neighbor made a point of introducing me to her black haired boy. Later, she made sure that I knew his age. Really? This must be why the Catholics are so gung ho even though their church is SO against suicide. Have you confessed this to your priest?

No crime, you say? Stalking in the great state of CA. GO near me twice with the intent to cause fear – just intent – THAT IS STALKING. Violating my Civil Rights. Oh, I am not guaranteed the right to happiness, but I am guaranteed the right to pursue happiness. Yep. I think all of us should be protected under the Civil Rights Act, But we aren’t. I, however, have a disability (which I think has been used against me – welcome to the 1980’s and way, way, way back).

I have bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, female teachers who have bipolar disorder and have been found to be pedophiles have made headlines. Mmmmm. There are up to 2.6% of people with bipolar disorder amongst us. Guess that means there have been hundreds of thousands of teachers with bipolar disorder who are not pedophiles.

Oh, whoever was behind that – if I am right and I think I am- then what crime were you committing? Geez. Not a tough one to figure out. IF there were under 18s involved. Yeah, I had a friend in high school and he will always have a baby face. Blocked out faces – even easier. Course I have seen some really idiotic parents around. Using their kids for their cause. Then, there is the next step. Parents getting money. You don’t think so. How naive are you?

Crimes? – Assault 3 times. Just putting something into someone’s food is assault. Like the people at Starbucks, Marie Calendars – oh yeah. Starbucks? My guess is magnesium.

More – assault by putting something else in my pills that causes syncope. The first time, I broke my ankle. No one touched me, but it was assault big time!!! I didn’t catch onto this until a little while ago. Oh, I have a bit of syncope that is prevented from getting worse by: sitting, drinking water, eating salty foods, being careful when I get up or turn suddenly. However, it does not cause one to have to keep their head low for five hours.

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