Hmmm. Someone at Work Said I Smell Like Cigarette Smoke, Someone in my Family Got Asthma From Cigarette Smoke From the Floor Below, AND I Have Smelled “Buildings Burning” Smoke at Least a Few Times Including Tonight.

  • Tonight I get home and immediately can smell smoke. The same type of smoke that we could smell during the Sonoma County fires this past summer. This has happened at least once before. I supposedly am reacting to the outdoor allergens, but sometimes have more difficulty breathing in my apartment.pipes oders and other nasties upstairs. Would it? Hmmm. Be very difficult to patch it so someone can’t tell it was done. Suggest you start now M.
  • If I smell smoke, what else could be drifting up my way that doesn’t smell? Oh, the smell is the worst where the bedroom corner (where my head is, meets the corner of the kitchen. Having seen new housing construction and old home improvements, it would not take any effort at all to rig something that
  • About three weeks ago, one of my students said that I smelled like “cigarette smoke”. There is no mistaking that smell.
  • For the last few years, I find that “more than the normal” number of people in nearby cars are leaving their engines going when I am parked with mine off. Oh, I was there first.
  • There is almost always a smoker nearby. One lady in Sebastopol was exceptionally bad at smoking. I was parked in a public lot. She appears and starts smoking, but does a terrible job at it. Got to practice – I’m guessing.
  • Now, these dweebs congregate near the target. You could be parked down a bit, and not be affected at all.
  • My doctor was VERY surprised a few days ago when I said that I did not know anyone who had pneumonia. He had diagnosed it from the films posted by the ER. Interesting. That doctor just mentioned fluid in the lungs as though it were no big thing. Walking pneumonia.
  • Can people who have access to bacteria and viruses expose an otherwise healthy person to an illness. AND then they get it? Wow! HIPPAA laws plus broken. Assault is more like it.
  • School year – 2015-2016 – Lake County fires. I am working in north Santa Rosa. I get a cold, asthma and pre pneumonia. All at the same time. Lady below me lived below me. The way she practiced pulling in a la tandem with another resident plus other things. Yes, she it. Right, M. I’m on the second floor, M is on the first.
  • Could have picked up cold……………..then pneumonia……………….throw in the smoke and ripe for asthma. Interesting. This past winter, I went months without having to use either of my inhalers – at all. NOW I am reacting to inside allergens?
  • After that, I go to a skilled nursing place to visit a friend. I end up with a six week long bout of diarhea. sp? no, they didn’t test for C-dif, but everything else. I found everything I could about C Dif…………………….there is a milder form. I went about 6 weeks with eating very little but I kept working through snow and ice and dead of night…………………..with pneumonia and C DIF.
  • 2015-2016……………..I think the summer of 2016 is when I go to Utah – duh, duh, duh……… pick up all the family photos which I had worried about. My ex lives in Colorado……………..duh, duh, duh…………………, CO and Utah – I have been to both may times. In late 20s did the White Rim Trail. Yes, single women do travel by themselves oh my! 2020 folks.
  • So………………from 2012 to 2018………… never has stopped.

Oh forgot. A Sheriff’s vehicle was pulling around the curve near Lily Kai sometime last year. If it had been going a bit faster or I was pulled out farther, it could have hit me. No siren. Though, there was room to be in the middle of the road……why wasn’t it there? Filed complaint. I rarely see Sheriff’s vehicles now.

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