Misguided, Ill Informed, Do Gooders Step in to Help the KKK. Target Drugged Three Times by the “No Touch Torture” KKK

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, where it started, but I know somehow a movement got linked up with KKK symbolism. This movedment may have had its roots in some persons in society being fed up with the legal system and the treatment of persons who commit the most heinous crimes – those against children. Not only were they fed up, they were prepared to do something about it – even if it meant skirting the justice system that this country was founded on.

I believe that this movement has been around since the 1980’s. Fast forward to today. The people involved in this KKK/Kult Right movedment is now made up of persons who are motivated by different outcomes: the righteous do gooders who believe that they are helping rid the world of a group who preys on others; the true KKK people whose agenda is what the KKK’s agenda has been since it started – spread hate and fear of those different than themselves to further the KKK cause; those people who know the truth but are so far in they can’t dig themselves out.

There is a huge problem with this “plan”. The group skips the portions of our justice system that allow people to defend themselves. The KKK minions are not only accusers, but judge, jury and executioners. AND they don’t know that often they are the puppets of the main KKK/Kult Right or whomever the Klan has made a deal with.

What? You’re willing to condemn someone based on evidence presented to you but are too gullible to believe that there are those who woule use this system for their own gain? Hmmmm. Do you know how men were able to have their wives committed based on their word and their word only?  This in the late 1800s, early 1900s. You don’t think that someone would use this modern day execution squad to mow over a sworn enemy. Really? The perfect crime?

Let’s use my case as an example. My parents received millions of dollars in the 1980’s fromt the sale of the family business: Day-Glo Color Corporation. There was a very real likely hood that my parents would be able to live off the interest generated by their investments. When they passed away, each of their children would inherit a million dollars. Well, the fates were very kind to my parents. They got their final wish: to stay in their house until they died – at the ages of 92 and 94. Of course there was no million dollars for each child…………it was the wise parents’ monies after all.

Take an ex who started getting more and more twisted by money. What was her money was always their money, but once he had his money it stayed his. In his family, a betrayal of even the slightest sort would cause the “betrayed” to cut all ties with the person who was seen as slighting the family member. That is just the way it has been. Along comes spring of 2012. No surprise, I ask my ex for a divorce. I filed. It is public record. My guess is that the KKK puppets have been strung along with a story of a husband saying that his wife was capable of horrid things. Take the words: teacher, female, special education teacher and throw in the word abuse. Whoa those are powerful words. Take those words and a recorded voice with the worlds scrambled and you start to build a case agains this man’s wife.

Keep in mind that the public record with also show a number of things – like the man trying to have the cost of his wife’s cancer treatment come into play when the divorce  proceedings have begun. Look at the deposition. Oh, but you are puppets and don’t think on your own. Well, maybe those who question what is happening, but are in too far to back up now.

In the mean time, the ex is committing acts of physical “gaslighting” at home. This after years of emotional gaslighting – the feeling you get when you are told one thing over and over, but the message is twisted to serve the perpetrator.

NEXT – Being drugged three times to further seal the “case” of the “set up”. Remember, back in history, there were some Sheriff’s officers who must believe a tale told them from someone involved in an initial “sting” to find out who I might attack. All of them were a bust. There was no there there. Nope. Just a 42 year old woman who went through a six week manic episode and acted attracted to someone ten years older. A male ten years older. Now the drugged part………………………….

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