Capri Creek Resident Drugged Three Times – Count ’em, Started Now, Finish as I Can

So, 2012-2013 go pretty well, as far as my ex goes. I go down, down and end up in a hospital being treted. the recorded voice and accusations by my ex must have  been such at least enough to keep them going. There are now enough do gooders who believe the story.  And enough KKK/Kult ers who are willing to push this through as a distraction while they work on their bigger plan.

Here is something you should know – people can have a tendency for sycnopy or fainting. The brief epsisodes last until one is in a reclining position. Then, after a while, one gradually returns to normal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DRUGGING EPISODES 1.

January 2014 – I was still in a deep depression, but I guess that wasn’t enough. I wake up one morning with – what turns out to be – horrible syncope. I should have lay back down and called 9-1-1, but I  didn’t. I was determined to fix breakfast. All my weight goes straight down onto my left ankle. It breaks. A break complete with two plates screws and one long screw on the other side. Major break. Fortunately for me, but unfortunatly for those who committed the assault (putting something in a person’s pills), my caregiver – paid for my my loving parents – is an angel. A wonderful angel with an amazing sense of humor. That and my parents starting a wonderful tradition years back keeps me going. Whenever we hang up, we say, “I love you” to the family member on the other end of the phone. Simple but very powerful. I finally go to my doctor and ask for seratonin. Miracle. 7 weeks later and I completely back to normal as far as my emotions.

December 2014 – I start experiencing syncopye but I immediately hit the ground. My cat and I crawl around on the ground for about 5 hours until it is time for me to go to bed. The car thought it was great! Horrible syncope, but I wake up feeling fine. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized that none of the articles on the syncope I am diagnosed with talk about a long period of syncope. Nope. Not one. So, for the second time I was drugged by lackeys of the Kult Right.

I spent that year substsitutng and get a teaching jos in the fall of 2015. Not much happens that year. The only reason I figure that not much happened, was their were not enough do gooders or KKKers to cause me havoc in my job. Plus the campus is completely surrounded by fencing. Not sure if this is why, but that is what happened.

Now comes the icing on the cake: sometime the summer of 2016. I have a night of horrific dreams and as much as I try to wake up cannot. The following day, I try to make sense of what had happened. No change in medications. I look up date rape drugs. That is the only thing that made sense. Why? I could be wrong, but I doubt it. The KKKers needed more fuel for their fire – to incense the crowd and keep them going. If it had been me gathering false evidence, I would have gethered what I could and release it now and again. I am not sure what such “evidence” there is, but I can just guess. There has to be a whole lot of slander thrown around with this as I have an African American boy look terrified when I suddenly turn around at a walk, I have people with disabilities or who have children with disabilities around with the parents/people giving me looks of hate. Which story were you told? There has to be one with a boy who has dark hair…………….how many kids with black hair have I seen at a distance or walk by or site in a car by themselves. There is one with women in their 20s. Seriously, make up your mind even though there is not there there, so it’s a wast of time. But, the KKK puppets are willing to do what they need to do. Their hate grows. They feel that the end justifies their means.

The goal – to get me to commit suicide. Ha! I am fine and dandy thank you very much. The secondary goal should the first not work. To drug me and make it look like I committed suicide. Oh shock? We ARE talking about the same KKK right? Besides there are enough of you to be threatened by me that even knowing what you know, the end justifies the means. You have to be able to save the world, right?  Okay puppets. and what about the higher ups? Oh, I dont’ know. Watch Strangers on a Train, look at the sins: greed, jealousy, etc. Most of those, plus trifles for some people are enough to commit murder. The perfect murder? I think not. Or at least not for long. There is a lady in jail for pushing he boyfriend into committing suicide. There are cyber stalking laws………great stalking laws in California AND – I never thought I would play this card – I AM a person with a disability and you are keeping me from being able to acess my Civil Rights.r

So, I live on the second floor of Capri Creek apartments, I have memtioned the apartments number of my downstairs …..creepy neighbor AND I just wrote a very long, but detailed account of events. It doesn’t matter if you believe the events or not. I am doing just fine, thank you very much.

Question – why did the ER doc. not catch that he prescribed not just one, but two drugs that should not be taken by persons with bipolar disorder? ……………………Just wondering. That is their problem you see. I keep just wondering.

For now,

Sherlock55 or?

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