Part II: Crimes Committed Against One Victim of the KKK/Far Alt Right, “Above the Law” Criminals

Jump to sometime in 2009

  • I was enrolled in a program at Sonoma State University. One day I was leaving the Starbucks over on Rohnert Park Expressway near Target. Driving out of the parking lot, a Sonoma County Sheriff’s vehicle stopped in my path. The Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff driving the car was looking at me with an “If looks could kill look”.
  • Was this someone related to what had happened in 1997? Someone with a chip on his shoulder because he was proven wrong, someone related to someone who he felt was wronged, some over the top religious zealot? I don’t know.

Jump to the school year of 2010-2011

  • Multiple incidences of Sonoma County Sheriff’s vehicles pulled over on the side of country roads with their lights flashing – for no apparent reason. This was while I was working in the town of Sonoma.
  • I made a logical or wild connection between the 1997 events, the sheriff with hate, and current Sheriffs’ actions. I write a synopsis of events and put it in the mail slot at a way station for the Sheriff’s department.
  • No more incidences of sheriffs’ vehicles pulled to the side of the road.  I did experience some pounding on the side of the portable where my classroom was located. I guess these events should have unnerved me. They didn’t. Well, I did write the letter, but was determined not to let the “events” of 1997 nor some idiots get in the way of my doing my job.
  • I was not asked to return to this job. The head of the special education department loved me. She wrote me a steller letter. My BTSA coach was fantastic. She wrote me a stellar letter. My assistant wrote a stellar letter as did the fifth grade teacher I worked closely with – to provide my students interactions and opportunities to work on general education activities. I taught a class of 50 mixed gen ed and special ed kids a lesson on tesselations and much more.
  • My principal never said one positive comment, did not give me good reviews and she was not well liked. So, onward and upwards.

January 2012, I started working at a school in the Wright School District. As far as I know there was no sabotage or gangstalking activity that year. However, I do believe that my ex spouse had been doing emotional gaslighting for a while and this continued. It’s now a thing that you can easily look up. I was gearing up to tell him I was going to divorce him. I am sure he knew.

April 2012, I tell my spouse that I am going to divorce him. Summer 2012, the first incidence of harassment by the KKK/KULT right begins. I had a pair of shoes in the back of my van while on a yearly reunion trip with family. One of them was taken out of my van. It would turn up months later back in my closet.

School year 2012-2013 – I am working as an SDC teacher at another school in the Wright School District. I am going to try to just put bulleted events down. You can decide if the number of “ordinary” events seems out of the ordinary.

I notice when things are “off”. Probably more so than many people. I have seen people shoplift – from a distance – not really reportable.

  • I have a good behavior system in place. It requires the assistant to be on board. Tickets are given out to the students when they are on task. The assistant does this – once. She never leaves her desk unless she is teaching science after lunch. I was warned that she was difficult to work with.
  • I sent two students to the office. I just wanted the principal to talk with the students and support me. She comes into my room, puts down some stickers and a sheet to put the stickers on and says that she assumes that I know how to use them. So much for support from my principal. She listens to the students and doesn’t get my input. Not a good practice.
  • October 2012 – Driving down to Southern California, I notice cars behind me for quite a ways. The whole way down. One man gets in front of me. I pass and he looks quite unnerved.
  • One rear end collision in stop and go traffic on the way to work. No damage. On the day the SPED team coordinates meetings I believe.
  • One rear end hit and run collision on the way to work. Latino male. I followed and got the license. Submitted it. No cigar.
  • October 2012 – A LOT of pills are stolen from my cabinet. My insurance at the time required that I fill prescriptions for three months worth. Not mail order. I don’t do mail order. I was taking at least three medications that made me sleepy. I had a really bad bout of depression in 2007 and had to be VERY careful to get enough sleep – one of the bane of bipolar disorder and a possible trigger for BOTH mania and depression. Mine is depression. I have not had any, but very very minor, symptoms of mania for years. So, my achilles heel is my bipolar disorder accompanied by keeping on top of my medications. I am a VERY concientious person with bipolar disorder.
  • I start to notice more and more people driving with their lights on.
  • I begin to see dilapitated cars in many parking lots I park at.
  • For years people have been able to be tracked by the GPS on their phones. Mine was older. I could pull out the battery fairly easily, so I think I drove a few times and noticed the difference when I drove with GPS on versus GPS off.
  • Pills at school were kept in a locked cabinet up high in a locked money box. I only keep enough for emergencies at this point.
  • I find white hole punched circles in random places. The first time, I thought they were some of the Ativan pills that I was taking.
  • For one of my observations, I am very careful where I put the materials. They are not in the right places when I go to teach the lesson. Bad review.
  • Work computer is stolen from my house.
  • Late November or early December I am reading “Murder for Christmas” by Agatha Christie. I had never taken the book jacket off. I come home one day and the book is lying open on the bed with the red hard cover exposed. On a bookcase is a long plastic leash or some sort of long plastic purse like strap with other straps coming off the original. I thought it was creepy.
  • I had submitted a report on a parent who was disciplining in an inappropriate fashion. The child came right out and asked why I had submitted the report. The mother appeared to be filming me with her phone as I am taking the students for one period to the RSP room.
  • My spouse is working in Colorado. He had been working in Colorado and coming home when our daughter was at home. At some point, he was only coming home every so often on a weekend.
  • I am getting the house ready to sell. End up making at least 10 or more trips to the dump. oversee the work of a handyman, find people to make some repairs.
  • The lights on cars continue everywhere I go. More cars in an area than would be considered “normal”. I notice changes.
  • A LOT of Latino kids in hoods do various unusual things. One day, there is a group on bikes. They randomly let loose with whistles as they ride around the blacktop after school.

More soon. Or, late in the work week.




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