KKK/Far Alt Right ( KULT Right ) ARE Guilty as Hell – I Could Be Wrong – But I’m Not

Yep, many of these crazies conspire to push someone towards self destruction. Let’s start at the end.

Tonight, I went to the Out Of the way Safeway on Sonoma Mountain Parkway. I noticed something highly irregular – the amount of cars wasn’t a great number. I didn’t count, but I took a panoramic shot at photos. MY usual is to have cars driving in and out to shop on a fairly regular basis.

How would this be accomplished? A large group app. Could even work like a phone tree if needed. My school district used this process during the horrendous Nor Cal fires.

Really easy to get more cars in an area – people passing Petaluma who are one of these cretins, just drive through town instead of staying on the freeway. People can plan things to do in town. That’s easy to do in Petaluma.

However, I doubt if a GPS would guide someone towards this Safeway if they were coming off the freeway.

What did this tell me? Many members are aware when a “sting” is going on. One where the target appears at the end of their rope – so to speak. THAT tells me that many are “stalking” at the very least and conspiring to push someone towards self destruction at the very most.

I don’t think there is any precedent sent or law that addresses this type of cult or group activity. However, a woman was found guilty of pushing her boyfriend over the edge – committed suicide. There were extenuating circumstances. I wonder if my having a history of significant depression would qualify.

Oh- three of the men in the store looked ashen and shaken up when they saw me. I wonder why?

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