I tell it like it is. The truth. The World’s Devils like the KULT Right hate the truth. Whichever group it is – extreme hateful people they are the Devils that undermine goodness and the possibility of PEACE – extreme KULT Right, ISIS, Extreme Black Nationalists, Extreme Anti Palestinians, Extreme Daesh ( I think that’s right. Muslims don’t use the term Muslim Extremists – They use a term the extremists hate), Extreme environmentalists, Extreme Gangs of all race, colors, and creeds.

These people – including those in government PAST AND PRESENT purposely throw out sound bytes that make us fear ALL in a group of people. All in a culture. But, every person has their own unique culture. Just like their own fingerprint. You can’t see what is in someone’s heart and soul by looking at him or her.

However, if YOU accept the culture, beliefs, symbols, of the largest U.S. created terror group, then you ARE one of the world’s Devils. You have an ugly, killing, hateful heart and soul. The culture you have CHOSEN to be a part of has killed thousands and they will kill again and again.

We can stop them, but first we have to see them for who they are. MUCH more than the people at Charlottesville. Much, much more.

They hate what I say and today they are like ants when you step too close to their trail – frenetic. I say, P. O. R. in a sign language acronym: Pissed Off Royal. That is a big thumbs up.


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