KKK/KULT RIGHT, WORK MOBBING PEOPLE- How Many Innocent Targets and Going Postal Innocents Have You Killed?

Kid in Starbucks. You heard me. Continue, are you an accomplish? You heard me. They kill. You know.

Going Postal? Did it start in the 80’s?Mobbing-causing havoc at someone’s workplace. Throw in KKK/Kult Right and what to you have? Cult violence.

Lynching. Old fashioned lynching using the excuse that their hands are clean. No. 500 lynched 8 men in one cold blooded mobbing riot. What can thousands of Truman Show extras do? Bus scene Stepford people.

Oh, but you are stuck. You already sold your soul to the devil. Blood IS On your hands. No amount of washing will get it out. You can’t leave and neither can your kids.

Imagine. Super whitewashed small town next to a “white flight” planned community. A school reopens with “hand picked ” staff. Not ONE Mexican or Latino teacher. Maybe they just go interview down south. A good friend started a printing business in his parents’ garage in Southern California. Past mayor of Corona. I have used him as a role model for over 9 years. Ancestors lived in New Mexico when the US continued its superiority complex with manifest destiny there. His aunt was governor.

I have said from the beginning – you drive kids around. I would qualify it as child endangerment. Has this pushed someone into ramming a car, shooting up a post office, other unexplained violence?

The majority of people in this country are going to see it for what it is: murder and the KKK/KULT right as the archaic symbol stealing , ignorant “white folk led” symbols, stuck in the pre Civil War mindset.

Old fashioned lynching

murder and murder by proxy

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