So, The Aryan Race – Not Quite – Aryanism – Bigotry Among the Bigots

Aryan – racial description of people of European and Western Asian descent. Under Caucasians.

So , under the Aryan “hierarchy”, some considered the German people to be the superior group under the Aryan umbrella term. Wikipedia right? So, you get that there are superior, superiors, right?

But beware NOT to mix the superior German blood with the relatively inferior Slavic blood. That’s what Hitler’s guy said.

hmmm. He linked Jews to Asian groups. Stymied since Aryan refers to some western Asians. All the better to feel superior to you my dear”!

5 million non Jewish persons were killed during the Holocaust. I will find the numbers of Polish people. What I find interesting, but highly troubling is that 50,000 Polish children were adopted by many including the elite. Oh, I see!!! Hate and kill those that serve your purpose. Right!


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