KKK/Kult Rightists ARE the Ones Losing Out AND are the LOSERS And ILLEGALS

I was walking in the woods, and realized how fortunate I am. How rich MY world is and how limited is your world is. Yep, I am a particularly pasty white person.

You can’t believe how boring it is to be surrounded by mostly pasty white people. Oh, there are some Irish who are not pasty white.

There are TRAITOR Catholic Italians who aren’t pasty white. Latino TRAITORS and ASIAN TRAITORS who aren’t pasty white, but they were not welcome in the 1920’s KKK. NO WAY!

My family. You gather with us and you ARE a cousin. For Life. That is who we have become.

Watch, A Wrinkle in Time. Your group and what they stand for are represented until unconditional love overcomes the likes of you.

Another thought. Sanctuary cities. Now, I don’t agree with granting sanctuary to people who commit crimes above a certain level AND I think someone needs to put the Confederate statues in a museum. There were slave owners in the north including presidents. I certainly don’t believe that we should continue to allow the statues on public owned lands – but maybe in a museum. Those are the ancestors of people who live there. The statues ARE part of our history.

like it or not. A museum on the true horrors of slavery opened up.

The law. You belong to this group YOU HAVE committed a crime or crime by proxy. I don’t know if that exists. But harassment of any person by any other person should constitute a violation of that person’s civil Rights. So, who are the Illegals?

Yep, you got it!!!!!

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