CULTIST KKK/Kult Righters Can NEVER Give or Receive Unconditional Love

I realized this today. No, you can’t. You have allowed yourself to be drawn into (or stay in) a cult. Strict rules. You HAVE to do certain works for the KULT. You belong because you all have these White “Christian” goals – for you that is an oxymoron.

Your child cannot be gay, has to follow your religious views, cannot marry outside of her race. Recipe for disaster for many of your children. Romeo and Juliet. It happens. Guess you don’t know that conditions in the womb can even be linked to homosexuality? Oh well. Follow in Hitler’s footsteps. You DO know what happened to homosexuals, right? Death camp. Now, mental health, intellectual or physical disabilities? Forced sterilization at first for some, then a death by lethal injection program.

Made me sick to see the father of one of my children’s classmates at a restaurant. You really DON’t Know about Hitler’s eugenic’s program? Wow.

Anyway, love in your world is based on being a certain way, looking a certain way, thinking a certain way.

if you love in a conditional way, that is how your kids will love you back.

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