Petaluma, California – Where I Am Doing Fine Despite………

I live in an apartment in Petaluma behind the Safeway on Sonoma Mountain Parkway.

Turns out that I know a LOT about KKK OR Cult Right activity in Sonoma County. Keep in mind how SUPER easy it is to clone a phone and computer – and just as we are starting to hear – anything connected to the internet.

Despite even well known anti hate groups saying the groups are disjointed. They are wrong and others agree. Remember – every occupation with every skill set.

These Super Alt Right/KKK people only care about their cause- keeping white control of the Nation. They don’t care an iota about me and would gladly stomp out my life. I am serious.

Psychological warfare is part of their toolkit. This includes getting their target to feel isolated, lonely, and surrounded by their people. When near me, I call theme Stepford people – look straight ahead, no eye contact, no smile maybe a look of superiority – or fear if I see them over and over again.

Anyway – over the last 5 years, the complex has attracted many of their ilk. A LOT of people were able to break their leases when the complex did a complete makeover last year – outside. Not surprisingly, the new tenets are not nearly diverse as previous ones.

They play stupid tricks to make me feel isolated. To them isolated means lonely and depressed. It is sort of the opposite for me. I started getting new photos on my computer that are supposed to conjure up “loneliness” and isolation.

Oh, I had one dweeb, about a month ago say, You know what you have to do. No, why don’t you elaborate. Their goal is to get their target to self destruct. Not happening folks. Naw! I have had three cars rear end me around 2012-2014. Magnesium mixed in my lactose free Starbuck’s drink – the effects hitting hours later. I make a point of posting about the event with a description of the perpetrator it stops c

Many photos are ocean scenes with a lonesome lighthouse. You get the drift. Ocean scenes with rocky shores or bleak skies. Putting the public on notice I have absolutely NO INTENTION of going to any shore of any type unless it is with a good friend. I will not put even a toe in the water. Anyway, if you are one of these dweebs and are expecting a simpler, kinder KKK, it ain’t happening. I have NO DOUBT the Kult Right would assault a person (assault includes putting something into someone’s drink or meds). Well, if you hear that anything negative has occurred to a 60 ish woman from Petaluma – I would consider the event worth investigating. Just saying …….,.,.,

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