Left off One of the KKK/Kult Right’s Most Common Tell

Adding later. THIS is a very appropriate tell. Christmas tree air fresheners/poisoners. Why? The Christmas tree was invented by Germans. Ironic thing is that Hitler WANTED TO DO AWAY WITH CHRISTMAS TREES. But, how could he do that in Germany? Nope. HE wanted to be worshipped. Not Christ, but that is another story.

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree….. I kept seeing those horrible smelling air fresheners ALL OVER SOMOMA COUNTY. And I would see other horrible smelling air fresheners. Off topic, but any scent that is fake is chemical and NOT GOOD. But that is the least of your worries right now, right?

Wondering if someone you know is part of this group? Look for the Christmas trees ALONG WITH other Tells. But, I would keep that under your cap. Seriously.

I think I just figured out why certain groups have SUCH a high rate of representation among these ….low lifes The more structured your group the harder it would be to not participate once you join. I am thinking of highly structured work groups, service groups, church groups, etc. see, this activity is cultish. Being made to participate once you are a member is a cult trait. Oh, yeah. That is why if you are married to a suspected member keep your mouth shut!

Also, groups that see people from a group mostly represented by some people who are committing crimes, etc. they don’t take the time to get to know any other people in the group. Their opinions are reinforced. Let’s take transfer vehicles. They move homeless, injured people, people with mental health disorders. Yep, I have seen one company at least 50 times.

The toxic scented items are not the only hanging items. Nah. Crosses, beads, light catchers, etc. add on stickers and certain numbers on their plates. Well, you might be riding in the car of a KKK/KULT Rightist. Oh yeah. I have seen elderly people who don’t follow the Stepford look. Smile over, but the vehicle is so KKK.

SUCH A NICE PERSON. TAKING OTHERS ALING TO COMMIT A CRIME – oops. Didn’t mean to yell. Left caps on locked. Oh yes: stalking if it is their second time past me when they normally wouldn’t have been. Does knowing the group commits assault, but you continue to participate count as accessory?

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