Kult Right – Far, Far Alt Right Plus the KKK People and Values Makes Up the Kult Right. Which Non Existent “White Manefest Destiny” Period Shall You Claim”?

Thousands. In the 1920’s, estimates of the KKK members was in the hundreds of thousands. And the membership was not just from the southern states, but all over the country. Oregon had laws on the books that kept Black People from entering the state for 100 years. Result – look at Portland’s fake demographics. There were thousands more who wanted to join the KKK. These joiners had members from every occupation immaginable: doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers, office personel, postal employees, veterans, farmers……..The problem was that the marketing campaign used to sell “good” Christian Folk on the KKK started imploding as those same persons found out that the do gooders by day, turned to lowly slime at night. Oh, these “Christians” were interested in the false belief that it was white manifest destiny and superiority that was a common theme. The truth will out and one head honcho killed and raped a woman. From hundreds of Thousands to almost none in a very, very fast time. 20,000

White manifest destiny (non Latino). Whites own the United States – should always be the leaders. Wrong. This country was run by tribes of people, probably not that unlike our ancestors’s tribes in Europe. Yet, we looked down upon them. Like “our” ancestors (mine – European mutt thank goodness with Jewish Scosttish thrown in), they weren’t at the same place as far as “culture” and religion. I would say in religion they may have been superior in many ways. Culture – honor the land. Appreciate where your food comes from. Practice good hunting practices and don’t overhunt or you will loose what you have.  But, Jesus was a Christian (um Jew) and the white manifest destiny gets much of its impetus from “KNOWING” that Christianity is the ONLY right way. Same ol’, same ol’ since mankind began. Christ expressed his belief that his religion was the only way, but since his story has lived on and told in so many ways, it is because he was different – kind, humble, not violent (slavery), accepting, wise, and hopefully color blind.

White manifest destiny. All along the Atlantic coasts, people decided that their destiny was going to be tied in with slaves. The first slaves were white indentured servants. Slaves for many years and then, may or may not let go by their owners. Meanwhile whites weren’t here first and they added to the numbers in the Colonies, hundreds of thousands of slaves doing the labor that helped make this country what it is today – 600,000. So, when someone wants to go back to the way things were – exactly when? Was it when there was 1 African American for every two “white” people – not even including the hundreds of thousands of Native American who lived in the colonies. There had been 100,000 natives before the White settlers just in North Carolina – dwindled down to 20,000. Still, all the slaves and the African Americans kind of scew the numbers when it comes to white manifest destiny.

Meanwhile, in California, the Russians and Spanish were battling over which type of “White” manifest destiny would prevail (after Drake). The Spanish started winning much of the state with the help of Native American slave labor – the Native Peoples. Yes, no matter how a few missions try to make out the Spanish Priests and soldiers as good guys, they were slave owners and some missions to this day do not honor the contributions that this. The Russians shipped south, but established them seleves more in the north part of California. So, Spanish ruled, then Mexican ruled. Then, over to “White Manifest Destiny”. So again, comes the question: Which white period in American history are you talking about when you want to go back to White ruling the government and Christianity being the religion of “choice”. Which type of Christianity? Far right Christianity seems to rule the KULT right today. The Founding Fathers so differed in their religious practices. Hence, the Constitution of the United States of American. Then, other groups couldn’t take about the Baptist’s children.

Lets move forward to the Civil War. Oh, I think THIS is the White American  Manifest Destiny you are talking about. After all, some from the south seem to think they should not have lost the war. So, THIS is the white manifest destiny you would bring back? Right? I think you might have a bit of difficulty with other countries – and the African Americans and Blacks (African Americans/Blacks from other countries – a lable for this “discussian”

Well, that doesn’t work does it? Okay, let’s try after the Civil War. The south WAS suffering. We didn’t catch on until after WWI that if you leave your opponent suffering with no hope, you set the stage for discontent and future confrontation. Well, that is what the U.S. did and there is still resentment among people in the south (which has spread to all corners of the United States as other persons moved here). We brought Vietnamese here after the fall of Saigon. The first being the children of the doctors and such. Guess what? Like many Asian cultures, the bell curve still exists, but the people who come sort of scew it. California, Arizona, Texas and other states bore the financial costs of educating and supporting people until they could get on their feet. I love diversity, but resented it when states looked down on California’s school system without paying one cent towards people being brought in by the federal government. Then, there were the people of convenience. The Chinese laborers were hired by the train company and resentment grew among other groups. Same story throughout the world. I think that is about the same time that the white slaves were Shanghaied out of the western ports.

Maybe the Jim Crow era is the time period that the Kult Right wants to honor – without awknowledging any of the contributions that the Chinese, Black, Natives (Code Talkers for one), Irish and Italians (from the past) made. Some want to totally ignore that blacks were even part of our heritage. Not me. Out country never was a melting pot, but a wonderful tossed salad. Let’s add in the Cubans, Vietnamese, more recent Asian groups, more recent legal and illegal Latinos – legal and illegal OTHER groups.

I just think that these Kult Right people need to decide which Great White Nation period they are trying to reproduce. As far as a “Great White United Far Right Christian Nation” – that has NEVER existed, so it looks like you are trying to recreate the false Great White United Christian Nation of the South (no Italians, Catholic, Chinese, other Asians, Mormons apply). Oh that doesn’t work. This Kult Right included some of those groups. So, this is a new movement that has adopted the history, culture, number of killings/lynchings of the KKK – maybe out of convenience. An estrablished sytem. Systematic system – able to systematically remove apponents due to an connectedness that these groups have never held before – The World Wide Web.

My culture has become a celebration of the non Kult right. it is the culture of the Upstander. The culture of the “I have prejudices I am sure”, I need to examine the past to get past it and grow – the celebration of the tossed salad. Though, those who are non Kult Right persons may not fit my definistion of my culture, nor do they accept the Kult Right Kulture. Upstanders! Don’t be bystanders. Those who have joined the low lifes who hold themselves in such high regard. Be careful. I expect one of the cultural requirements is to serve by proving your worth at the risk of being exposed to family, friends, bosses, children of who you really are. I am not sure there is an out any more.

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