Want to Pick Out KULT RIGHT VEHICLE – What to Look For

KULT RIGHT is as far as you can go in the Alt Right movement. The K is for KKK. Yes, the KKK of old.

  • Jeeps – The vehicle of the KKK. NOT ALL people that have these “tells” or KKK symbols are KULT RIGHT, but many are.
  • Stickers that represent logos or super heroes or such that the KKK has adopted. Like the wing they adopted for the Charlottesville gathering.
  • Skull that has the stretched out LONG, hanging jaw. Very much like a KKK skull of old.
  • Blue line flag. The company that came out with that flag has denounced its use by the KKK.
  • A fireman’s hat or IAFF – International Order Of Fire Fighters. Doesn’t always mean this, but put it together with other Tells and YEP – probably.
  • Three tells. Three of many things.
  • Old and new VWs. That is one tell by itself. So is a Jeep. So is a BMW. I have a Latino friend who has always purchased BMWs. So, by itself? Maybe not.
  • Strict Catholic, Strict Evangelical, Strict Mormon, strictest if any group – high likelihood.
  • On that note – fish – Jesus fish – though, how you have the gall to associate Jesus with a group that considers themselves above others – and has lynched thousands – is WAY beyond my understanding – and some of your spouse’s, co worker’s, boss’s, employee’s student’s, patient’s, client’s …understanding too.
  • Jesus fish, fish skeletons, no shark catching, fishing in general,
  • Keep Tahoe Blue means Keep Tahoe White
  • Equal sign means NOT EQUAL there is the blue one with the yellow stripes and the Hillary sticker with the arrow going though an H. It can be cut off from the rest of the Hillary sign
  • Monster drink logo, particularly in the Sebastopol area
  • A license plate that looks dirty, but is “off” in some way. Example – the numbers and letters are dirty, but California is not. The dirt is not dirt. It is some sort of spray. The “dirt” can have lacquer over it. The lacquer could be peeling off.
  • A plate that has been altered in some way. For example – a bent plate or a plate where the blue is a different color. The blue used is a lighter blue than what you normally see
  • Anything to do with Hawaii. Particularly: State of Hawaii, sea turtles, Hawaiian flower, etc.
  • O for Oregon. Look up State of Jefferson. 51st State.
  • NOR CAL – this refers to the true Nor Cal, not what most people see as Nor Cal. Look on a map. The state of California
  • The state of Oregon
  • Alaska.
  • Bears. The Bear Flag in CA
  • Don’t Tread on Me. Yellow sticker with a coiled snake.
  • Jesus faces or other Catholic like stickers. Mary
  • Some reference to the 1950’s: mom and apple pie. Actually- Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma. Plate frame, sticker or personalized plate
  • Dogs. Stickers, plate frames, paws etc.
  • Some kitty things. Kitty paw prints on plate frames
  • Zombie figures or references
  • Family stickers – you know – Mom, dad, kids, pets. Zombie family. Dinosaur eating family
  • School/university stickers or plate frames
  • Dents. Or light bulb out on one side. Light bulb plastic cover broken
  • Out of state plates. This past winter, I could not believe how many out of state plates I saw.
  • Real or fake damage to car. Is the damage real or did someone put tape or cardboard or something else on the car?
  • Shields. Popular KKK SYMBOL. Could be highway sign which is a shield.
  • Number that is close to 100. That stands for 100% white. Highway 101 is a favorite
  • Deer or elk. Antlers
  • NHRA or NRA. (Even though 52% Of members want some type of gun control)
  • Plate frames. Something different – flowers, bird – eagle or White Sea bird, palm trees, my other car is a Tardis, shiny – glittery plate frames
  • Other popular cars appear to be: Mustangs or the like, minis, big trucks like F150s,
  • Team logos. Around here SF Giants. SF stickers, 49ers, Warrior’s bridge.
  • Skulls. Yes, skulls are popular, but skulls with other Tells Even just two other stickers. Skull plate frame. Three skulls along the bottom of a creepy plate frame.
  • Personalized plates. Envy plates as they are called today. Popular among people who do not want to use stickers
  • AAA stickers
  • Triangles. Triangles within a circle
  • An X made with just about anything. Crossed swords or?
  • German style lettering
  • Unfortunately – Marine Stickers and sometimes other military or Veteran stickers. Again. With another tell
  • Ribbons. Yep. Ribbons. Like cancer ribbons. With other things
  • The apple logo.
  • Harley Davidson has been adopted.
  • Before this next one, keep in mind that these people come from EVERY FIELD AND HAVE BEEN WORKING ON GETTING PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THEIR CAUSE IN EVERY TYPE OF JOB OUT THERE. Notice unusual numbers or sets of numbers/letters on plates. Now, car plates right now usually start with 6 or 7. 666 can be represented in many ways. 696, 999. 6666. Spread over the plate. 3 is popular. 2 sevens add up to 14 which is the number of words in the slogan that includes a reference to children. My children or white children. 8,8 stands for 2 h’s which stands for Heil Hitler. Of course there is K.
  • All occupations!!! Doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, politicians, college students, high school student driving a truck with IAFF, Fire Fighters, postal employees, UPS, FEDEX, speech therapists (u turn stupid!), many HIPAA workers, IT people, school employees, ministers, Bishops, priests, truck drivers, and a TON of self employed people and small company people. Any poor white person who wants to blame this countries woes on the current usurpers of the day. Like past: Italians, Catholics, Polish, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese. But, many are included now. You take on all the past history of the KKK and the CURRENT crimes they are committing. Like assault. They won’t stop there. NOT CHRISTIAN. Not human.Bystanders not upstanders. You stand with the KKK, East Germany. Low lifes.

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