Are you one of the new KULT Right recruits? You have been told that if you participate in MOBBING a person, you are not committing a crime, right? Oh…. so WRONG!

You see, the techniques used are taken from East German “No Touch Torture”. See, the Stasi was getting a bad rep. Too many broken bones and people disappearing. So, they implemented No Touch Torture – a way to destroy people in such an insidious way, that no other person would know.

I know – if you ask someone in this organization, they will tell you that this is one more lie. Well, people from East Germany can go and look up their Stasi files. Yes, they can. They were saved! And the wall stayed up for 20 years longer than it would have due to 200,000 or many, many more East German citizens participating in No Touch Torture.

The wall came down in 1989, so there are plenty people who are alive who can look at their Stasi files. It doesn’t help, but explains why they didn’t get into a certain school, or why they were caught escaping (if they survived-one man told the Stasi that his fiancé had plans to escape), or? I wonder if relatives of a person can look up someone’s file. You see- the hope was that the person would do the Stasi’s former job for them – kill themselves. Yep. Look it up.

No different from today’s No Touch Torture used by the Kult Right. The ultimate goal is to get someone to kill themselves. Oh, did they leave that out during your mobbing training. Maybe the term immobilize was used instead of eliminate. That sounds so much more palatable.

Well, they also don’t tell you about what they do that technically is not touching, but IS assault. Putting something in someone’s medications or into a drink IS assault.

See, I just started putting this part together. One morning, for the first time in my life, I had syncope (fainting). Oh, nothing severe happened, EXCEPT I broke my ankle. We are not talking a simple break, but a long pin on one side and a plate with five screws on the other. Guess what? The Kult Right broke someone’s leg, just like the pre No Touch Torture Stasi. I might not have figured it out, but ended up crawling on the ground for five hours about a year later. That was NOT normal. When you have an episode of syncope, you lie down, drink a lot of water and take in salt.

So, besides the tough anti-stalking CA laws, and the interstate federal stalking laws, the “gentler, kinder” KKK commits assault. I doubt if they stop there.

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