Santa Rosa, CA What is Up With the Jobs That Have SO Few Hispanics and/or Latinos?

Just quick. Found out today that Hispanics make up more than 50% of white people in Santa Rosa. More than the non Hispanic whites like me.

Having grown up in Southern CA (NOT the OC, but north OC), I have been wondering where the Hispanic teachers, sales people, doctors, professors, teaching assistants, are? I was surprised by the number of Latino students at Sonoma State. It is great!!! But, where do those kids go to find jobs? Down south?

I just notice things. It didn’t seem so strange 21 years ago, but NOW? It is strange. Looking around me as I drive through the county (you do this too)… people – white – a few Asians and an occasional Black person. Schools? A few Hispanic teachers. Front desks at schools? Yes, some. But not enough. Truck drivers? Not usually. It is weird. Of course every group that comes – there is a lag. But – for any of you Hispanics/Latinos who have sided with the enemy (and are not being blackmailed or threatened), maybe you had better rethink your decision. Yeah, I can see why the KKK had to give in to the Italian Catholics. They are too ingrained and powerful – doesn’t mean they have all turned to the dark side (or should I say – the KKK white side).

But, looking around, there has been active discrimination against Hispanic/Latino Americans. Taking into account a whole lot of issues. Where are the Latino Postal Workers, teachers, cable workers, non Mexican restaurant Hispanic staff? Asian KKKers betray the Asians who have and are fighting for equal respect. An Hispanic or Latino KKKer? Does not matter what you are told. It is not so. Ask those who have been here. There are many here who can share their stories.

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