TARGETS – I call the far far Alt Rights who have joined up with the KKK (for justice and the America Way) the Kult Right. The groups are a cult and they use KKK tactics. By default, they condone all that the KKK HAS done in this country.


  • Hacking
  • Changing Information on a legal site. Company has rules for users. Sure it breaks a pretty big law if you have no access. If you are a user look up company policies.
  • Harassment. Make that harassment of a person with a disability.
  • Stalking. Two or more times cause discomfort or just intend to cause fear – whoa! Broke CA stalking law. Strictest in the nation.
  • Mobbing. Not much you can do unless you fall under a certain category. I don’t agree with that BUT I can play my disability card. Oh yeah!
  • Theft
  • What is the penalty for taking away from client minutes?
  • IT errors????
  • When I am by myself a multi user printer works fine. When either one of two people are present, have all kinds of SNAFUs.
  • Right. No, it was not posted. Minutes wasted. Not mine.
  • Person with a disability? Oh gee whiz. You are preventing me from fully being able to access my Civil Rights. Yep! That is how they got the KKK guy to finally go behind bars for MURDER.
  • Well, I can’t charge my employer for discriminating on the basis of race. But I have wondered for years why I have not seen more people of different ethnic groups/races being hired. Your reaction? There are laws against that. Yeah, right. Who is enforcing those laws?
  • I celebrated when whites were no longer the majority in CA. AGAIN. I am a fourth generation WASP (thank God I can claim Scottish Jewish), mutt! My name may sound German, but unless your great great grandparents came here, no way! Look at your family tree! Mine goes back to the Mayflower troop and the group that came over with Penn. But that isn’t worth a hill of beans. Nah. All those wonderful and sundry branches poking through.
  • Oh! Is that why the KKK has accepted Catholics and Catholic or other “Christian” Latinos? Third state to not have whites as the largest group. They don’t want you, but they Need you. Those not being blackmailed.
  • This ain’t Christian, moral, and have you confessed to the Priest? Supposed to cause PTSD. What can that cause?
  • Oh, This newer, kinder, gentler KKK is NOT!!!! Christian, Christ Like, Moral, Good, righteous, superior. Nope, niet, neine, NON!
  • That is for one of the Nor Cal crew! Non!

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