The Rise and Fall of the KKK – The Truth Came Out – Will Come Out

The Klan advocated the restoration of “true Americanism” and offered members a platform that demonized blacks, Catholics, Jews, Mexicans, Asians, and any other non-white ethnic immigrants while also condemning Communism, most other forms of leftist politics, and “base” cultural influences such as alcohol, birth control, and the teaching of evolution in public schools.   NOTE: Mexicans, Asians, Catholics – aren’t you so proud? No, you embrace all that the KKK stands for if you adopt their ways – including their “secret” symbols.

Oh, wow! There was a frenzy in the 1920’s. All these people, church going people stirred up by this recruitment by KKKers. Yep. The KKK would go to churches and talk about all the good things they did. The white people were for preserving a Christian White Nation, but 9 out of 10 thought that the KKK was for doing good works, commradery. the thrill of secrets (good Christian fun), good works, standing up for the poor white race that was being overrun by all the immigrants.

But the Klan was easily at its most popular in the United States during the 1920s, when its reach was nationwide, its members disproportionately middle class, and many of its very visible public activities geared toward festivities, pageants, and social gatherings. In some ways, it was this superficially innocuous Klan that was the most insidious of them all. Packaging its noxious ideology as traditional small-town values and wholesome fun, the Klan of the 1920s encouraged native-born white Americans to believe that bigotry, intimidation, harassment, and extralegal violence were all perfectly compatible with, if not central to, patriotic respectability.

Tyler and Clarke divided the entire country into what amounted to sales territories and they sent more than 1,000 solicitors into the field to recruit members whose $10 membership fee for the Klan went in part to the solicitors as commission.

………about the seemingly growing influence of Catholics and Jews in American life, and about the migration of African Americans out of the South. 

But the violence was not the attraction for most members of the Klan. Indeed, most would likely have disavowed their support for such activities, and many surely did not consider themselves to be mean-spirited racists at all. The Klan owed its popularity less to its endorsement of raw hatred directed toward non-whites and the supposedly immoral than to how it allowed for the expression of white supremacy and moral conservatism in culturally acceptable and even ostensibly laudatory ways………….

One factor that helped bring down the Klan was a growing recognition that that fear was legitimate. Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge both opposed the Klan, and as the years went on a growing number of public officials and prominent citizens who had joined the Klan as its numbers increased in the early 1920s turned against the organization as it became clear that they had cast their lot less with a salutary fraternal society than with a conspiracy that countenanced sadists and fanatics……

Klan leaders notoriously oversaw local and state chapters as dictators and stole funds from organizational treasuries, and the stream of members who left in frustration became a flood by the end of 1925 after the conviction of David Stephenson, the leading Klansmen in Indiana, for murdering a young woman he had also brutally raped. That scandal was shocking to Klan members who valued the group’s alleged commitment to moral integrity, but it was no surprise to the many Protestant ministers, black civil-rights organizations, newspaper editors, and Jewish and Catholic groups who had been vocal and courageous in their opposition to the Klan from the very beginning.

People who are around me by day. Are you guilty of stalking according to California Law? Being around someone just a few times in order to make them uncomfortable or fearful (well, attempt to make person fearful – intent)………that is stalking. Sending that text today? Using a computer (a phone is a computer) to stalk……….well, not good. Transfers to: “keeping someone from being able to have access to their civil rights.” Oops, just a little thing that convicted a man who could not be tried for murdering a Black man. Just a little thing……………applies in particular to certain groups. Oops. Moi!

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