A Newer, More Friendly KKK—— Yeah, You Just Go With That

Yeah, you just go with that. Sarcasm. It means, you go ahead and think that, but you are just fooling yourself.

The same idea was tried in the 20’s. It worked for a short time as the P.R. people worked their magic, but the bubble burst when people started learning about the real Klan. I learned a long time ago that the Klan enrolled a whole bunch of WASPS when the KKK would go to churches. They were selling righteousness, and morality and apple pie.

Then, the head honcho was involved in some scandal. I guess around the same time, the true meaning of Klanism came to the fore, and members fled in droves.

You think the KKK and craziest Alt right are going to stop when their enemy is liable to raise back up and strike? Boy, you ARE naive. You should look up what some of the head honchos are saying now about genocide and the woman killed in Charlottesville – after all she was just a communist.

What would you hear if you were a fly on the wall at one of their meetings? Or would you rather not know. Ignorance is not a defense.

Catholic? Look up Klan history. Asian? Look up U.S. history when Asians were the latest to blame for the white woes. Then talk to some older American Asians. They would be so ashamed. Latino or Mexican? Whoa? You are one of the latest to blame for the country’s woes. Oh, so maybe you are legal and that makes you superior.

The truly wise people in the world, and the most giving, are humble.

If you think that the KKK is representative of Christianity, you ARE living under some sort of white curse. NO good religious person from any religion would be a Klansman.

Religions teach how to be a decent human being.

Wanting to kill people because you see them as different is NOT Christian. The Jewish people? The contributions many have made? I shake my head. What? They followed or stuck to their own path?

I think you had better read the New Testament. White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant – that was the Klan. You take on their dogma-you take their history with you – murderers. Yep, YOU have accepted that as part of your history. Yep, I could be wrong-but I’m not.

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