Contradictions Abound Regarding White KKKers and Asian KKKers – In Common: Ignorant Fools

It was absolutely wonderful being in a nearby Starbucks. I was enjoying myself and then I realized that there was this wonderful mix of non English languages.

Survivors who live in small towns or towns with some rotting white roots – go to a larger city for some relief.

The ironic thing is that there are some Asian Americans who are members of the KKK/Alt Right or Kult Right. Both groups are such two faced morons, they don’t even see the irony. They are way too high on their pedestals patting their backs that they are blinded.

I admit, there was a time when I had to consciously work on being comfortable around a lot of Spanish speaking people, but that was my problem and I knew it. My classmates, who were Mexican, were raised during the “melting pot” era. You are in America, you speak English.

Fortunately, we are now in the “tossed salad” era where we recognize the advantages of becoming bilingual.

Here is the great irony: I would bet that MANY of the pasty white KKKers have said, “Why don’t they learn English!”😡 I do have to admit that I did not really understand in my 20’s what I have learned over the years.

Listen to the generation of Asian persons who are in this country. If they came here past a certain age OR did not have a higher conversational level in their native language, chances are they never learned the ability to converse at more than a BICS level – basic level. Why don’t THEY speak English? They are just like most of the first generation immigrants who have settled this country. It is probably fairly rare for a first generation non English speaking immigrant to be able to speak at a CALPS level (higher cognitive level). Oh I am sure there are. People who tend to not be embarrassed to make mistakes in front of native speakers, some who had a very high level knowledge of their native language AND are highly motivated to learn the second language, those who pick up language quickly.

I met a lady from Spain a while back. She was a lawyer in Spain. She is a wonderful teaching assistant now. She talked to me about how hard she has had to work to get her English to where it is now. Stereotypical, but do you think that many Asian people were gardeners, dry cleaners in their native countries? No.

So, you full of yourself Asian and White KKKers, do you even see the irony here? And why do you think there are Chinatowns, Japan towns, and pockets of other Asian Americans in this country? It is the same reason there were/are Italian neighborhoods back east or German groups in areas. It is exhausting trying to speak a foreign language all the time. It is refreshing to hear your native language spoken. There are people who want to be with others similar to them as far as culture goes.

BUT, most of us who are continually working on understanding others, want to share our cultural experiences with others while learning about theirs if we can.

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