Targets, Targeted Indiduals, Survivors of Stalking, Mobbing: You Are Being Harassed and it is Done by Sick People With an Agenda Using Smoke and Mirrors………..just smoke and mirrors

Down through the ages, there has always been one group or another that feels that their beliefs or way of life or religion is superior to others. This false superiority has led to more man made deaths in the world than anything. That is what I believe.

Growing up, as trustworthy and with much faith in the goodness of people………looking around the world……….IT could happen here. One group actively trying to rule another – in the United States of America. Oh yes. For some strange reason, Jewish people have been picked on by Christians. Why? Some sort of inferiority complex. After all, if one is secure in one’s faith, why should you care about what others believe or practice. Why? Because some chose NOT to accept Jesus. Wow! What would Jesus have to say about “Christian’s” treatment of: each other’s denomination and peoples, Jews, Blacks, Slaves (along the west coast – sailors), Irish, Italians, Poles, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, other Native groups, …………….Spanish and California Natives among others…………no group is immune as far as I know.

So, it should not surprise people that the KKK, Alt Right, White Nationalists or Kult Right as I like to call them have been preparing for 2, 3 decades to push their agenda, to “bring back” the white Christian American Culture that we have lost. I cover this in other posts, but there has never been a time in American history where there has been a unified white Christian American Culture. Technology has made this agenda even more possible. I don’t know how the traitors justify joining in with the KKK: SOME (a small amount), Asians, Blacks, Latinos,………………..Manaznar, KKK, Chinese exclusion act, deportation, YES. Traitors. Granted, there are those being blackmailed. For those Latino Catholics out there doing this willingly. You’ve go to be kidding me?

(you are so caught up in whatever you think you are doing, you are not looking around at the people involved. I hate stereotypes, but notice the out of state plates – high KKK states, lot of large lumberjack type – look up Jefferson 51st state, AND the most telling of all: How many stupid white people there are -I am a very fair mutt, so white people who think they are superior because of the color of their skin. Jeesh! Notice the music sites they list – Country. Look up KKK symbols. You will see them hidden. Yin Yang – a KKK symbol).

SMOKE AND MIRRORS – No matter What You See (or more importantly, what you don’t see) there is a manmade cause behind it Targets/Survivors. Don’t go saying that this happened or that happened. If it is truly beyond the realm of most people’s experiences. There are enough Kult Right people who are ready to discount and label what Targets say as “crazy”. Don’t blame the government. All you are going to get is: Why would the government spend all that money on you? In fact, you will get: why would X group or X group spend their time doing this to you?

I am not saying that some  group of the government might now ever partake in such filthy murderous acts. However, there isn’t enough IT there. I was mystified. Every day, “Why WOULD people care enough to want to make me a target?” (besides the horrid bullies who mob in work places just to feel superior – when really inferior. After all, a bully is a coward.). I thought there must be slander, innuendo. I think there is – but still, to keep it going this long?

Ah- Technology. Look it up. Do you know that there is a site where you can hear Trump say things that he never said, and Obama say things that he never said. The technology is out there.

There is something called “Multiple Discovery” and Railroad Time (science, ideas for railroads). Add in that within a group of stalkers such as the Kult Right, there are people from all fields, with all types of resources available to them. AND the group grows daily. There is technology that can be used to frame anyone of anything. There are human “tricks” using diversion, the same way a magician does, to make the impossible the possible.

“When one has eliminated the possible, that which is left, however improbable, must be the answer.” Sherlock Holmes. Keep that in mind. Google what is possible or what is on the horizon.

Why am I a high priority target? I know. I also know how powerful the KKK and Alt Right are and just how much they are willing to work together. These people, Targets, are just as willing to hurt you as they are to step on an ant. They are relying on you hurting yourself, or falling for their tricks to make it seem like you are a stalker (you may be staring at some person because you know it is they………that X person is all too willing to stand up and say that you followed them, or whatever they can construe to suit their causes……………….). I caught on to this quickly. I haven’t fallen prey to this yet, but I can see how easily this could happen. These droids will use any method they can to get you to go the same place twice so that someone can say, “Oh My!”

Full court press time. Oh yeah. I saw the head honcho again. Did some arm waving. Stretching. Shame.  Breaks the pledge you took. Most of you took. Just a bit of time before: many of the tactics you are using get used by someone else and are out there, some of the smoke and mirrors tactics become known as another group uses them, technology catches you at your own game.

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