Did I Give You a Reason to Pause, or Are You Truly Wicked?

Oh, Wow! Pleiades, Orion’s Belt, the Big Dipper, a sun colored moon, elephant seals, and a place I had never been before. My idea of a great trip.

Any of you rethinking things? If not YOU are truly a wicked person. Evil. All together you are the devil incarnate. Oh yes. Just passed a lady from the state of Washington. She has a U.S. Coast Guard sticker. If SHE is, she just broke her oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. You must have lawyers who say don’t worry (be happy), but they don’t talk about how one small detail in a ruling can affect future laws. Maybe can even affect the charges.

Out of state with the intent of stalking someone. Whooo-eee! That is a Fed-er-al law that you broke: interstate or in or out of Indian Country. I bet no one had been convicted for killing a black man by using “preventing him from” ?? Rights – Civil Rights. That was a KKK man. Gotcha. Got him good!

Silly people. You may be swarming ants, but you swarm. That’s what you do. Get together those who are willing to fight your kind tooth and nail and you are a tiny scattering of the tiny ants compared to all the eagles and doves who know that right prevailed at the end of the Civil War AND WWII. Both slavery and murder, just different times. THIS harassment is attempted murder also. Don’t agree? Read about the case of the girl who was convicted on grounds of pushing her boyfriend towards suicide.

But I got off track. The eagles and doves are your:spouses, children, co-workers, bosses, employees, friends, other church members, other churches that will kick yours out, clergy, worshippers, co members of civic groups, Girl Scout or Boy Scout Councils, Church fellowships, parents, schools, alumni associations, businesses. Yep. To many YOU ARE SCUM. Seriously. They cannot possibly fathom how you can care about the worth of someone’s life based on religion, group membership (though hate groups with know violent histories might be the exception), sexual orientation (what the hell business is that of yours?), sex, ……..

Oh misguided millennials. You have yet to see the power of your peers. Nope. You may be joining this whole white pity party, but many of your peers will drop you like a hot potato.

And NO – There has NEVER, EVER been ONE United States that has practiced your type of “Christianity”. 13 States, 13 sets of laws. Many of the laws based on religious doctrine. You think all of your divisive groups will hold together. Oh Hell no! Jefferson was a Deist- respected all Christian faiths. The Founding Fathers were who they were partly because of the varied thinking of the times.

The founding father who was Baptist was one of thousands of persecuted Baptists. Let’s see. The 1950’s? Would not give the soldiers back from Korea the time of day. The nice thing about religion is that no one who mattered really cared about your religion. Oops, unless you were Catholic, but JFK turned that around.

If you are Catholic, or Latino or Mexican, or Asian or Italian or Irish or Black, you are traitors to your ancestors. Yes. They were spat on, called degrading names, put down, kept down. Oh, and Polish, Gypsy, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and ad nausea. So, lawyers, really?

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