Gangstalking by KKK/Alt Right Groups – a Community Effort

The people who write that the white Supremacist groups are using technology to get and stay connected are starting to pop up. Some feel that these groups have been growing by using technology. Colleges are perfect recruiting grounds.

It is my experience that there seems to be members of these groups in all fields and all communities. They don’t want us to know who they are, but they are there.

For example, yesterday I went to get into line at the CVS on Washington. One checker looked like she was off work as she was shopping. I go to get in line and the off duty checker is in front of me. Interesting thing is that she does not move forwards. There is eventually a good ten feet between her and the customer in front of her.

Finally, another line opens and she goes there. The checker – whom I have seen for years in that store barely said a word, acted very cold and did not interact. I was buying $200 worth of supplies to take care of a burn on my leg. I said something and it was like I didn’t exist.

Then KFC. I had trouble with my order almost every time I went through the drive through. Drive thru troubles are not unusual. But not every time five or more times in a row. The nicest person would always take my order – a person of color. The last time something happened, a young fair haired boy handed me my order. He had a kind of smirk on his face. Gotcha! The person filling the order is not always the same as the person filling the order.

Having group Mobbing issues? Could it be the Kult Right? My term for the KKK/Alt Right Groups. There are a lot of people whom they do not like. Oh, you will see a few people from other groups. Some Asians in particular. Others? Who knows what they are thinking. Maybe all very far right Catholics and Mormons are members.

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