Convenient Way for Any Mobbing Group to Get Rid Of Enemies/Dissenters – No Touch Torture and Suicide

The new weapon of the KKK/Alt Right is Mobbing at Work and in public, use of shunning techniques, visual and oral suggestions, no “touch” use of hallucinogens and other no touch torture techniques.

Shunning is as old as mankind itself. It sets an example to others what might happen to any dissenter. It is a favorite tool use by some modern day cult religions. It IS a form of psychological torture and is an accepted form of adult bullying.

Mobbing at a person’s workplace is a recognized form of psychological abuse. Unfortunately, to stand up to this abuse legally, one needs to belong to a targeted group. Allowing bullying to happen with no consequences is condoning it. Turning a blind eye. Encouraging mental abuse.

All forms of mental abuse used by the East Germans, KKKer, Kult Right is intended to paralyze the “enemy”. Jobless, homeless, and the ultimate prize – death by the victim’s own hands. Go to sites on Gangstalking – keep in mind that it serves gangstalkers’ cause when a target looks crazy.

Well, when one target met up with one Kult Righter, the Kult Righter said, “You know what you have to do!” No-not. Well, just like cyber bullying has led the way for group harassment awareness, so too will awareness be raised by Mobbing in the workplace, in one’s neighborhood and home – wherever bullies feel protected – churches and religious cults.

Suggestions from colleagues that increase (intention) angst over future employment, having harassers constantly in view, IT OR program overseers playing havoc with an employees worksites.

This is adult bullying. Bullies get their “strengths” by Mobbing. That is an ultimate form of cowardice. Bulling, is by definition, a cowardly way to try to control another’s actions.

The KKK has always employed scare techniques using mon energy and violence. This is just taking the process one step further. Yes, if you are near someone or go out of your way to be near someone to cause discomfort or fear (intent) – that is stalking in the state of California.

The way KKK/Kult Right Mobbing takes place is Stalking. Someone was convicted of maliciously hounding a boyfriend towards suicide. Laws against group stalking/Mobbing/gaslighting will exist.

For those of you disappointed – you ARE NOT A GOOD PERSON LET ALONE A CHRISTIAN.

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