Turn My GPS Off and I See Frenetic Ants Scurrying Around, and Others Checking Over Their Shoulders

Yesterday and today I turned off my GPS and WiFi. It is interesting to see what happens to these ants when I do that. The driving past my work had a frenetic quality to it. Like I had taken a stick and poked it into the ant hill.

The people who come out so that some of their ilk are out at all times……They lose their Stepford look because they have to look around to see where I am. Rather obvious. So, yes, YOU want to place doubt in my mind regarding my employment. And off to the bathroom you went. Twice.

I realized last night that I have worked so hard to not stereotype or judge someone based on what group they belong to. I guess I failed. Anyone who is associated with the Kult Right does not deserve respect. The KKK is a hate group. Society has a special category now for hate groups and hate crimes. You break the law you are entitled to a trial. In fact, though many of you feel that you can deal out a sentence with vigilante justice, our country would NOT be a democracy without the justice system we have. Though it certainly can’t be as just a justice system as it should be. When we have a group of people who think of another group as inferior or automatically more violent, it is not as just for some as others.

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