What KKK Gaslighters Don’t Want You To Know About Sherlock Holmes

Yes, the Alt Right KKKers or Kult Right do participate in gaslighting a LOT. The old movie called “Gaslight”. My response to all of these smoke and mirror tactics is a quote by Sherlock Holmes: “How many times have I said that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

And sometimes you might not exactly know how. Don’t let the How spend more than a flitter in your brain. It is not worth your energy. I picture the Devils or evil people who do this to be Gremlins. I used to think of them as midget monkeys, but that was an insult to monkeys.

You are NOT going crazy. Crazy is inside the head -and I should know having been a person with bipolar since the age of 42. Crazy is NOT: finding common objects wherever you go, hearing the same off sync drumbeat (barely) in one space of your house, seeing people doing similar things or wearing similar clothes many places you go, having grocery items disappear from one place only to reappear in another, finding your car locked or unlocked (that technology has been around for decades), seeing people seemingly in the middle of nowhere in Day Glo vests carrying lanterns, seeing cars that all seem a bit off, having loud noises happen more often, etc. Sometimes, when you least expect it, an easy peasy lemon squeezy solution jumps out – oh! The DayGlo vest guys drove an SUV to the fence. Duh!

Oh, electrical issues, like lights flashing or going out? I have not run electrical myself, but have seen how easy it is to do. This is 2018! Believe me, there is a LOT of things someone with very little knowledge of wiring can do: have 1/2 of a outlet not work and then it works, turn off a light on a light post as you go by, oh the Things I Have Seen and the Places I Go (a nod to Dr. Seuss).

Most important thing: keep the most important things with you at all times. Guys, backpacks are in. Lie! I had something stolen and I am a bit OCD about it, I have X in there for X medical condition, I promised my ailing X that I would keep this with me, be creative! This is serious, but if you play your role, mock these devils in your head with scenes of ants or bunnies do so. Then laugh at THEM.

I KNOW my stalkers are from the Kult Right. When I can I play, “Traveling to America” as loud as I can with the windows down. If someone looked, I say that I dedicate this to Trump. Or whatever works for you. It only takes one match to make an explosion.

I have seen a few people recently that truly look evil. Either dead eyes, or a smarmy smirk, or ….. but, they are still ants crawling out and bunnies hopping away. NO! Do NOT forgive these people while they are doing this to you. Think of them as killers, law breakers, stalkers, non spirituals, and stupid, idiots!!!

Some say this is the government. Nah. I would bet that it is an extremist group that has an agenda. Part of that agenda is to make you ineffective. Balderdash and blast it! You are more likely to be female, lies have probably been spread, (slander and even if true – NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO GIVE YOU A SENTENCE WITHOUT A TRIAL!

Technology is such that it is not hard to set someone up. At all!

Give ’em HELL! Take a day or two off inside in a safe place. Secure you sleeping space! All entrances!!! Propped chairs, pvc pipes or wood in windows, chairs can be pushed forwards if there is space under the door, so keep that in mind.

Go with it! Tye dye appeared and I bought a Tye dye purse, polka dots were so last year. I sometimes conduct the traffic – seriously. They want to control me, but the point is that where I go they follow.

Turn on the privacy setting on your phone and voila GPS is gone (turn off wi fi). Better yet, wrap your phone in layers of foil until it will not ring when you call it. If people seem to know where you are going, someone CAN listen in on you even when you would not think they can, phones can be cloned and computers hacked. I am NOT trying to make you feel paranoid. You ARE NOT crazy! That is my message.

And I will finish posts that I started, I just have a crazy busy job. Hug a teacher !!!!!

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