You know……

MOST people in America would be appalled at what the Kult Right is doing. Just look at the turn outs for the opposition or pro treating all human beings as human beings

I STILL cannot get this whole Jewish hang up. Really. A lot of Masons are/were Jewish. The only thing I can figure is that CULTS form out of fear and power. Fear that you need to protect YOUR way and a “fake” power that is called Bullying. Look at yourselves. Bullies ARE cowards. Look in the mirror. KKK of old hid behind masks. If you were proud of your views you would “come out”.

White culture? In the United States? What part of “United States” don’t you understand. 13 colonies, then states each with its own form of “Christianity” and different laws. Minnesota culture? Northern or the cities? Southern White culture? Texas culture? Catholic culture? Midwest culture? We have NEVER been a melting pot, though during the 50’s that was the HUGE push. Nope, we make up a big tossed salad. We always have since the first First Nation Peoples formed groups then tribes, the Spanish, French, Jewish, – New Orleans? New York City?

Unless you are a white, Anglo Saxon Protestant man who is not of Italian, Irish, Gypsy, Polish, ….. fill in the blank….. your PEOPLE at one time or another were looked down upon by many of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant males. And they should go have genetic tests. Actually, somewhere along the way, even the ancestors of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant males were downtrodden by some group because we are talking thousands of years and how many generations back?

So, which white culture? The 1950’s That people like to “remember”? Great, if you NEVER went to a Communist gathering (an ideology that has NEVER existed), or accused of being Communist. Great, if you didn’t come back from the Korean War and were totally ignored, great if you were not a single woman with children (no matter what the reason), great if you weren’t a woman who wanted to be something besides a secretary, nurse, teacher, etc. Great if you weren’t a minority, great if you didn’t have a disability like Down’s Syndrome and were not thrown into a facility with others “like you”, great if you were not a kid with severe ADHD or dyslexia who would have had to have dropped out of school. I think you might see my point. Oops. No way. You listen only to people who think like you, read what people like you read and listen only to radio shows that spout your views. You know how I know? Because that is what cult members do.

BTW – why isn’t someone saying that the Confederate statues should be put into a museum? I could have family members who fought on both sides. Whichever side, an ancestor is an ancestor.

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