Growing Awareness of Growing Connectedness of White Based Hate Groups – “Where Ya’ Gonna’ Hide? Hatebusters!”

Please put “many” or “some” before any group I refer to – except the KKK and Cult Right…………………some Mormons, some 7th Day Adventists, some Baptists, some Catholics. Or, you could say far right…………………………I hate generalizations………….However, for anyone who identifies in any way, shape or form with the KKK, my rule about generalizations goes out the window. It’s gone.


It is now becoming common knowledge that white hate groups are beginning to coalesce from multiple oozing hate groups into “one” group. I use quotations because the groups are only united in hate and fear of others. It’s a quasi united front. Once they think they are getting what they want, we’ll see the splinters fly. That’s the way it is. It is always the way it is when hate and power go hand in hand.

Great story found by following the link above. Coming together are: the Alt Right, Right Nationalists, White Separatists, Neo Nazis – and to appease the guy interviewed – Nazi’s or those who hold onto the original Nazi beliefs. And just like before, the fire is being flamed out of fear. Fear of losing our white national identity.

What White National Identity? Or, I guess I should say, “Which National White Identity?” Did we ever have a united White National Identity? No way! To say yes, is pure ignorance. Oh, I should say, “White Protestant National Identity”. Nope, that doesn’t cut it anymore. Any far right person who calls themselves Christian or believes in the idea of a certain group of people having the right to be superior to another group of people based on race and/or religious beliefs. It now is “White Christian National Identity (with certain Asians, Pacific Islanders, Latinos and even African Americans – from certain religious groups).”

I will address the whole “We need to keep our White National Identity” for another time. Right now, you Kult Rightists need to know that you are on the radar. Maybe just as a blip, but you are on the radar. I just coined a term. I’m tired of saying Alt Right, KKK, etc. Why not Kult Right for all of you? You HAVE adopted the signage and symbols of the KKK, so the Alt Right might as well have the K also. Kult Right. I like it. Oh, all these groups do form cults. Yes, they do.

Pan to Montgomery Alabama, to the Southern Poverty Law Center. As stated, “A group that monitors hate groups ……….and now more and more on line.” 900 hate groups. 66% White Supremacist (with some Asians, Latinos and Blacks/African Americans thrown in – my addition). There is a large groups of Black Nationalists and then 13% other. Something is missing here. There may be double the number of groups from X years back, but that says nothing about the numbers in those groups.

Yes, young millennials are making up a part of these groups. Why do hate groups target college ages kids? Disenfranchised youth. Not from the article: Why Asians, Pacific Islanders, (maybe natives???). It turns out that despite the Chinese Exclusion Act and KKK acts against Asians, and the Nation turning against Japanese Americans during WWII, Asians have been included. They are seen as superior to other non “lily white” people – I am almost as lily white as one can get, so I certainly know lily white from lily white (and these days, I gladly would like to see many, many fewer white people than the hateful ones I am seeing). I am guessing these Cult Right Asians and/or Pacific Islanders would be the spouses of KKK members, “Christian” Asian Americans and others – superior minds and all that. Right…………….

I certainly hope that peoples who identify with First Nation, Native Hawaiian, Native Pacific Islanders don’t identify also with the Cult Right, but some probably do. After all, where have all the Mormons, 7th Day Adventists, Baptists, etc. been doing all their proselytizing (trying to convert)? Among all the non Christians (non Europeans).

I could be wrong, but from my experience, the Asian Protestant Christians tend to follow a stricter religious course than their American Protestant counterparts. I do know some Korean Presbyterians and this group is very firm in its adherence to the “old” Presbyterian Church. This makes sense, since some of the Asian Presbyterians and American Asian Presbyterians come from a line of people who were converted to Christianity by all those missionaries.

I think the Catholic Church has gone from not quite white to white as far as Italians go. Then, there may be Latinos who identify as Cult Right Catholics or Mormons. Here we come to some Cult Right African Americans/Blacks who could be Baptists, Mormons, or Catholics. So, I guess the Italians, Catholics, Asians, Evangelical African Americans forgive the KKK their sins? Really? I read that there was a lynching in the 1980’s of a Black man.

So, hate and fear. But, you are willing to be bedfellows to get what each group wants. What does your boss think, your coworkers, your relatives, other churchgoers, most religious leaders, your children, your friends…….what do they think? There are no hoods anymore. You can’t hide behind your windshields and secret meetings forever. It WILL come out. It just will. It’s just a blimp, a small blimp. But, I saw it, the Nation got a taste of it recently. Most came away with the bitter taste that is called disgust.


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