Planned Community – what better spot?

Rohnert Park was a planned community. What better way to grow a planned community then to invite your white friends to move in.

At a park. Every single car looks like it belongs to an Alt Right Person. 4 trucks and one SUV or van. Oh, The American way. Whites are destined to rule. Hmmm. Didn’t matter if whites decimated and murdered thousands of First Nation people. Oh yes, there was a lot of disease, but there was a lot of slaughter and forced marches. Let’s not forget the enslavement of the California natives who built the missions. No, they weren’t children. They had their religion law spirituality and there WERE uprisings.

So, yes Sandy. They were slaves.

Anyhow. Sebastopol may be the town for the small town and Farm country KKK, but Rohnert Park and Cotati are the perfect place for the whites rule towns. 101 right near by, Petaluma Hill Road, south of Santa Rosa, not too far from the cut off that goes to Sonoma and Napa. The 12.

Oh, This hatred crosses the economic lines, education lines, employment lines. You all have hate and entitlement in common. For now.

Different groups have their own rules. Does one large church accept far right religious African Americans? Far right Latino Catholics okay? Believe me. There are not many among this sea of white.

Look around. I lived in So Cal for 32 years. There should be more Mexican/Latino teachers, office workers, some real estate people. Making headway in banking, but how many of your kids have moved down south to do what they were trained to do?

Teachers. I have been waiting for the teachers.

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