Asians, Discrimination and the Klan

“These idiots!” Is what I just said to myself when reading about the Klan. The “poor white man syndrome” plays a big part in Klan history. As The Eagles would say, “Get Over it”. …….a surge of Chinese immigrants was perceived as undercutting the labor market for Caucasians (in the west). The immigrants were targeted for lynching, terror, and forced removals.

Methodist church in San Jose was threatened and burned down, a church in Sacramento was torched, a white owned distillery was torched because the hired Chinese laborers. Farmers were attacked and their Chinese workers terrorized and abused. Grass Valley – masked hoodlums robbed and tortured Chinese ranch hands.

I would hope that all Asians know about the Japanese from Western States in WWII. They had to leave their homes and businesses and were forced to live in Concentration camps

And you are of Asian descent and you participate in KKK Activities. Traitors. Seriously.

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