Number of Deaths After 9-11. The Leader? KKK/Alt Right or Radical (not) Muslim Extremists?

So, I read a few articles by fairly well known sources that said: Statistics are: FAR, FAR right extremists have committed MORE acts of violence on U.S. soul, but PEOPLE WHI IDENTIFY WITHVFAR, far, far right not Muslim groups have killed more people.

I beg to differ. You see. Stalking far Alt Right/KKK groups have killed many people in this country. They may not agree, but think, “Murder on the Orient Express. If you have participated in group stalking, workplace mobbing. YOU HAVE KILLED SOMEONE OR HAVE ATTEMPTED TO. Yes. You. Have.

It is the same premise as that demented girl who talked her boyfriend into suicide. It is the same as cyber bullying.

Some of you hang crosses in your car. Why? You are not Christian. I think you had better read the New Testament tonight.

You would not make “good” MuslimsJews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. I think you might qualify for one of the religions that had human sacrifices.

Catholics, Mormons, Asians, YOU ARE REALLY NUTTY. Your groups were scorned by the KKK of old. If you do not believe in murder except in the case of self defense. Well, you are SOL because you are part of a group that accepts, no encourages, no expects you to participate in murder

Have you looked carefully at those who are on your side. Definitely NOT. A superior race. How murderers can call themselves superior is beyond me. Someone must keep these statistics.

I don’t care what any of you twits think. I care about the hundreds of people you have murdered. During recent years. Just because you feel superior. Yep, more deaths caused by religious beliefs and countries. By people who live by the sword in order to prove they are right.

Makes you so proud – sarcasm dripping down.

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