Targets – Wise Words: If You Can Laugh at it, You Can Live With it

I saw this quote in a classroom today. It was spoken by Lucille Ball. Truer words were never spoken

“If You Can Laugh at it You Can live with it.” So true! These stalkers must think that they will pass on bad Juju or something. 16 months later, they still make me laugh!

Ants crawling out of their hidey holes, and bunnies scurrying back into theirs.

Targets you are Survivors! Think of funny things that these stupid people remind you of. They may not wear hoods, like the KKK OF OLD, but they still don’t want to be recognized. Hide behind tinted glass, hoodies, hats, hair pulled back or up, something in their mouth, back plastered to the seat. push their mouths forward. They are trying to hide in hoods.

Bad juju??? Bah!!! Their antics make me laugh.

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