Businesses and Complacency or ? With the Alt Right/KKK

How does the KKK/Alt Right in Sonoma County get all its “volunteers”?

  • Blackmail? Illegals, holding off charging someone with a crime
  • Threats? Some like the garbage company in the San Francisco of old – my dad remembered – worked at a pharmacy on a corner across from Union Square
  • Threats of demotion or being fired
  • Promises?
  • Pay offs? Gifts?
  • Slander aimed at the “target” or some KKK Klever Kode word? Then passed on in whatever version only an upstanding and law abiding KKK members could conceive of
  • KKK groups
  • White nationalists
  • White Supremacists
  • Neo Evangelicals who crossed a line?
  • Jefferson 51st State supporters – do ALL the people within your “borders” know all that you stand for?
  • Multi Generational KKK and Confederate hold outs
  • The KKK Of old had people from all occupations. I doubt if that has changed: lawyers, doctors, a lot of small business owners, farmers, ranchers, Fire Fighters, Police, priests (Not way back, but one made the news – traitor-, Sheriff deputies, reverends. pastors, Bishops, PG&G workers, USPS, Kaiser employees, people who violate HIPPA, delusional people who feel superior due to race, people who want a Christian Nation like the one of yore (except that only exists in their minds – Jefferson was a Deist and a Founding Father was persecuted for his beliefs before the Constitution), people who feel superior because of race or ethnicity, Alt Right Mormons, Alt Right Baptists, Alt Right “Many Christian Religions”, some Asians, those who want to lay blame for everything wrong in their lives on the current scapegoats, people who are insecure and STILL want to hate Jewish people (Eagles – “Get Over It!”), people who make a ton of money but are worried that those who can only say, “climate change” may wake up and say, “global warming” – cutting into their profits, those who want to hate, every group has sociopaths – statistical, ego maniacs, Holocaust deniers, Hitler worshippers (Hitler wanted to get rid of religion, but that had to be put on hold because Germany invented the modern day Christmas, how would Hitler World be different from what is considered “Communism”?), disenfranchised youth (Sonoma State, SRJC, Chico State, Marines (some retired, still reservist? Uphold the Constitution and all that), Veterans of all kinds – even from highly respected units, limo drivers, bus drivers, and many others including “Moms” and Babies on Board, MANY who have ignored fair labor practices so that these drivers and others owe this cause (interesting how we put down a group for what they do or don’t do and don’t give them a fair shake (legals even) and others…….

I have a friend who has been mayor. I believe his Aunt was a governor of New Mexico. Her family had lived there when it became part of the U. S. Another friend’s dad knew computers. Without a degree he ended up teaching the college grads. How is this for a statistic: a while back, the high schools were looked at as far as the percentage of students that were Hispanic/Mexican and went on to college. The rate was twice as high at Casa. Support all through school makes a difference. And no one does La Familia better than Hispanics. Their white counterparts might live to work, but they work to live. Si, se puede!

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