Slander and the KKK/Alt Right Why? Celebrating Diversity in Sonoma County

  • There are still people out there who believe what you have been told. If you are one of the ones who passed the rumor on, that is slander.

Rumors are spread faster when people are trying to make sense of things in the word. Rumors tend to stick when they cause fear and worse, when we feel we need to act on that fear. If you are Mexican/Latino and you still believe rumors, look around at those people driving around you. Look at the cars with stickers. Are there three stickers for KKK? Or, two stickers with car damage. Or references to Mom, Dad, Grandma or apple pie? These do NOT stand for Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, But the reverse: distorted Jesus who preached that white people (and Asians) are superior; a God who created inferior people to be the slaves, or servants for the white people; and there is nothing holy about people who want our nation to be “Christian” – and their kind of Christian only. They want to rule and spread hate about others, particularly a group that has NEVER done anything to them, but continue to practice the religion that they turned away from – no problem with that, but if one has so much faith and is secure with one’s faith, why do you feel threatened? By Jewish people. 2000 years of Christian insecurities (Muslim too – both trying to conquer the other – THAT was a LONG time ago). As the Eagles sang, “Get Over it!”

Insecurities about Jewish successes. I would have to look, but I don’t know how many Jews make up the 1%. I think I will find that the upper 1% are WASPS: white Anglo Saxon Protestant. How much do these people give back too?

Those in Sonoma County look around you. When I moved here 20 years ago, it felt strange to be in California and Not see non blue collar Hispanics. Not that there is anything wrong with blue collar, but 20 years later where have the Latinos and Hispanics with college degrees ended up working? Inroads into Wells Fargo. Where else? Something is wrong in River City, and the rest of Sonoma County.

I did start internally celebrating when African Americans and other Black people started moving here. I am sure that made some of the Lily white folk squirm. They had a choice and many chose to spread fear, and ignorance. Wrong choice.

I was born in Northern California, but grew up in the heart of John Birch country. Back then, when people would get all uppity about Hispanics (these people MAYBE) 1st or 2nd generation Ca, But most recent transplants drawn to the jobs in Southern Ca. Anyway, I would say, ” Gee, I am fourth generation Californian. I should be Mexican.” Back then, that was true.

Funny, you never hear of the miles and miles of new struggling Asian areas in Orange County.

I do believe it is time to look at some of the companies around here and in other parts of the state:UPS, USPS, FEDEX, cable companies, local In And Outs, and more. It can’t come from me. Cesar Chavez may be one of my heroes, but I am as Lily White as they come. Seriously, there is red hair on both sides of the family

I AM an enemy of the Alt Right/KKK because I know how they harass someone with Smoke and Mirror tactics meant to drive a person to feel insane.

Catholics- can’t figure out how you justify this considering this harassment has killed people. Oh yes, I have NO DOUBTS. A real stupid harasser said to me the other day in a phony scary voice, “You know what you have to do?” Stupid. I am pretty sure that he works for one of the boating companies. Maybe a rental company near Jenner.

The friends I was with last night couldn’t believe how well I am doing. Never better. They know of my trials and that I can look back and laugh. Of course! That is my family. Laugh at some of the trials of life, reminis about those who have passed and have made the world a better place AND laugh at what they laughed at.

I have a very long list of gripes against these stalkers. But now, particularly knowing how demented and deluded they are – I laugh as I picture them crawling out of aunt holes or hopping back like scared bunnies. Drones, droids, and twits.

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