Why Do I Feel That Way About the KKK/Alt Right

From what I have seen, many members of the Alt Right have adopted the symbols of the KKK. You adopt their symbols and you are now a representative of one of the most loathsome, cowardly groups in United States history. Bullies are cowards. By definition. They just are.

“The kind of thing that men are afraid to do openly, and by day, they accomplish secretly masked at night.”

1918 – 64 lynchings

1919 – 83 lynchings

7/27/1919 – Eugene Williams was stoned in a lake and drowned. He had crossed the unofficial barrier in the lake. He was 17.

1915 – opposed Catholic, Jews and blacks, and immigration from Central and Southern Europe. Italians were on the Klan’s list. Italian and part of a group that hated you?

You Catholic members are hypocrites.

Virtually ever Christian denomination has denounced the Klan.

The “first” klan targeted freedmen and their allies. Used threats and violence including murder. 18 months ending in 1867, there were 197 murders and 548 cases of aggravated assault.

They started their kids young. There was a time when they would take children to the lynchings.

Much more to come. Then there are the Nazis. The KKK reveres the Nazis. Killers of Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Disabled, Gypsies, Poles, homosexuals…….

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