How do I Really Feel About the Alt Right/KKK Droids?

Disgusting, disturbed, revolting, repellent, reprehensible, repugnant, foul, nasty, idiotic, unpalatable, disagreeable, obnoxious, awful, creepy, distasteful, hateful, loathsome, vile, foul, beastly, detestable, horrid, hideous, icky, monstrous, offensive, rotten, scuzzy, sleazy, yucky, yecchy, sickening, nauseating, stomach-churning, uninviting, odious, vulgar, unwholesome, abhorrent, appalling, awful, offensive, evil, gross, noxious, rancid, revolting, despicable, heinous, terrible, ungodly, unholy, uncivilized, undesirable, unwelcome, barbarous, unchristian, stomach turning, unsavory, vomitous, grotty, bogging, objectionable, intolerable, God-awful, loathly, abominable, schattenparkers,

And then someone asks, “And how do you really feel?”

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