Whites, Superior? Give Me a B reak. Strange Events at Work. Why?

uThomas J. Main and L.A. Times. I read I one estimate of Alt Right in this country as Around 500,000. He comes closer to 750,000, but then look at Steve Bannon’s old rag and the numbers climb. THEN, the percent in L.A. county must be lower than the percent in Marin north. Then, look at where real Farm country takes up a larger percent of the land. Sonoma County and north. The percentage of Alt Right supporters goes up.

What better place to hide than a fairly “liberal” county. Possibly due to the largest cities: Petaluma and Santa Rosa. Getting new recruits daily.

Well, you really think whites are taller, stronger and more intelligent. Geez. Or Jesus! He was not white according to your definition.

Oh, for a while it was thought that Africans had no Neanderthal in them. Well, that was wrong. However, they have a lot less than those with the Lily white skin. Hmmm. Which IS the purist race?

We are white because the fairer probably survived better the farther north you go. I am not quite sure why, but lack of vitamin D plays havoc with all types of things.

Now, from the people I have seen. You run from a real sickly white to the Italians. (You DO know that Italians and Catholics were not clan material)?). Go to Cotati. Rohnert Park. I don’t see many Italians. Oh, Italians settled here. Not in Cotati and Rohnert Park so much.

Fit? Nah. Not the Baby Boomers. At least not a lot of you. I should talk, right? A lot of non fit Lily white Baby Boomers. Intelligent? Guess you are studying the history books that I had as a kid. Only showed white makes and other people were patronized. My mom owned nothing in 1955 when they moved to Ohio. They put the house in her name. My mom credits the Spanish tradition with making California a community property state. Has to do with women and the way land was handled. Well, the peoples of the areas taken over by the Spanish are probably a mix of natives and Spanish. Oh, right. The Aztec and Mayan were so not civilized. Not! Gorgeous!

9% Alt Right/Neo Nazi views. Bet that is much higher here. Oh. So, because of my views, I am being persecuted. Does that qualify as a hate crime?

Mobbing. It is a recognized type of harassment that occurs in the workplace. Mobs- mobs are groups that have a common goal. With the standard definition of mobs people can justify their actions when they have others that go along with (in this case) their perverted morals. Distorted.

Why did one techie keep going on and on about a link to my email first of the year. Saying that it is a much better way to access my mail. It seemed to be. Oh, I don’t even have to log in. It opens right up.

Hmmmm. Wonder if that has anything to do with why I cannot find an email that I sent out to testing guy mentioning that a certain meeting is coming up. He said something about it being 90 days out from that point. So, he was notified. I look and the meeting is scheduled. And he has those written down.

Funny, he sent a copy of the email he sent out to the head of the whole Shebang. Why? He is the one who insists that he send it all out. Then, doesn’t bother to let us know when the paperwork comes back.

Maybe, maybe not. If he is, pass on that he is obnoxious after just one drink.

Well, tech put that link on, they can take it off.

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