I Asked the Wrong Question

The question I have been asking is: how large is the KKK? I just asked the question: How large is the Alt Right? I knew the KKK numbers were way too low, but ask about the Alt Right and my seeing so many people gathered together for hate is not crazy at ALL!

What brings these people together as far as having a certain psychological trait is their ability to dehumanize people. This dehumanizing is what leads to genocides and groups like ISIS. THINK that is crazy. One person did a comparison between killings done by extremist (So called Muslim extremists – no, NOT Muslims) , and Alt Right extremists (No, NOT Christians). The numbers were not that far off.

So, you dehumanize someone and it makes it much easier to harm them. That explains a lot. As I say, “Have you told you kids yet?” Bringing them up to be programmed to be able to hate that much easier.

I just had a thought. Do you ever attack someone for practice? I would think so. See who is truly loyal to the cause.

I can kind of tell the “kids” who have been raised with generations of hate that have gone before. Not a whole lot of expression. None of you have much thinking to do anyway, but the multi generation KKK have had even less to think about. A cult tells you what to do. Isn’t that the idea? You are told what to think, why, how to act? Everything laid out in a neat little package. Makes life that much easier.

Don’t have to think. One of my family members automatically forwards anything on that comes from one group. He more or less admitted that. Problem was that one thing he forwarded was a rather racist post. That is not him. I think someone talked to him.

Now, someone needs to talk to his son. I bet Dad would be so proud. Not! No matter why you think you are doing this, your dad believes in the Constitution and ALL that comes with it.

Your Mom has said that the beliefs of people like the KKK – Well, that are not Christian. Your dad would agree.

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