Anti Semitics Are Very Insecure And Immature Cowards

Why, in God’s name, does one religious group or people need to persecute a group who is different? If you are strong in your beliefs fine. But to have the need to put down, persecute or kill others shows insecurity. Insecurity in your belief system to the point where you have deluded yourself into believing that others must be inferior. Who is the inferior one here spiritually?

Persecutors and bullies ARE cowards. Isn’t it cowardly to go against someone as a group? Of course it is! Such brave people – not. Using guns and weapons against people who believed something different.

Poland is trying to whitewash its history. Maybe there were no Polish people out of millions who participated in the death camps. Right. Like not one wealthy Polish person did not buy protection or turn against a neighbor. Educate people that over a million Poles were executed in the death camps. But don’t make it a crime to use the term Polish Death Camp. Talk about insecurity.

I now understand why Koreans hold a grudge against Japan. Japan has whitewashed its history to the point where someone from Japan wanted the United States to take out the part about the women who were forced into the sex trade to become “comfort women”. Women from Korea, China and the Philippines.

If you are Italian and your family came to the U.S. east coast, your family was looked down upon. Oh yes. If you are Irish and your family came here during the potato famine, they may have been treated like slaves for 7 years, but they were looked down on. West Coast Japanese, some Germans during WWII. Cubans, Mexicans, Gypsies, ad nauseam.

John Lennon may or may not have been religious or spiritual when he wrote about the world being at peace with no religion or countries. The point is true. Religions, ethnicity, country, has killed more people than ever.

If the anti Christ wasn’t supposed to come from somewhere around Italy, I would say that it is the KKK and Alt Right movement, what it stands for and all its members: bystanders, participants, people with stupid titles, members, brain washed, washed out, ignorant, bigoted, non Christian Kristians are the anti Christ.

No supernatural powers, but they are everything that every great teacher/peace keeper in the word is not. The “magic” they perform to undermine, kill, torture, confuse people are hocus pocus and smoke and mirrors. Guilty of many crimes!

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