Wrong Question, Klan Gatherings, and Alt Right Tactics

I have been asking if the KKK has Asian members. Tonight, I realized that I have been asking the wrong question. The right question is: are Asians part of the Alt Right? The answer is convoluted, but yes. There are Asians, particularly Asian women who are “okay” as far as the Alt Right goes.

I think it is horrid, considering what the U. S. did to the Japanese in the western states. They were prisoners of war in concentration camps. How about the Chinese exclusion act?

Cotati is a creepy gathering place for Alt Right and KKK members. There were some interesting large gatherings tonight. I saw classes going on at two of the gatherings. Were they Stalker Tactics 101 classes? Giving background information on how the organization works and educating the ants on how to undermine a Target’s stability. I see them as ants. You know how ants sense that you are around and they scatter? Lots of similarities to the way these KKK led members act if someone wants to take their pictures.

I also asked if the Klan is a cult. A resounding yes. Just like in most cults, people who are quite “normal” are drawn in. The secrets, the silly symbols, the required obedience. Yep! And a distorted religious base. If you think Christ would approve of the Alt right’s or KKK’s push of being superior. You have another think coming. Christ was not blond and most likely had none of the “typical European physical traits”. If you believe that Jesus was “white” – – under the current U.S. “white” definition, I have a beautiful bridge to sell you. It is just north of Marin.

I am sure at these classes you are taught all type of tricks. Like under the guise of being friendly, someone says it is great that you think you will be here next year, because that rarely happens. Or, if you work in a department store, you are told how to switch out a piece of clothing selected by the target with a smaller size. I know how it was done, and I caught it way before I left the store. How about snipping the stitches on a purse so that the zipper pull will come off? Doing electrical tricks. Unfortunately for you creepy klanners. My ex could do just about anything around the house. Turn off the breaker to the bathroom, and the irregular drumbeat disappears. Make one socket in an outlet not work. Unplug items.

Oh yes. I am so sure that Christ would approve of efforts to derail someone. No Christ wouldn’t, but the distorted white KKK Krist would.

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