Tips for Targets: Mobbing and I.T.

The Tech Wizards were in the parking lot the other day. They moved their van about 30 feet further away from where they ended up walking to. Makes SO much sense, right?

Well, beware of people in your I.T. Department. I wonder if there is a law that will punish someone for screwing with the education of students who are covered by a legal document.

I do know that there are statements on the site where we make legal documents that warn: do not mess with this site OR……

At this school and my last, the tech guys love screwing up things for me which effects my teaching. How low will you go?

I am using one printer. Then, for the next print job, it has switched to another printer. I have not done a thing. Expect someone in the office to help out. A page will be missing from a document. A computer in the office won’t work until they leave.

My Apple TV. Students with special needs really benefit from visuals. One thing or another has gone wrong with my TV/doc camera since the beginning. Low lifes. Breaking the law.

At my house, that could lead to up to a $10,000 fine. Schools? Putting the district in a bad place.

In France, Mobbing is a crime and has a penalty of one year of prison and many euros. 15% of people who experience Mobbing have a tendency towards violence. This is compared to a non “mobbed” population. I have wondered about the whole going postal phenomenon. Is there a link?

The National Health Institute and other groups recognize Mobbing.

Urban Dictionary:

Mobbing is a form of workplace bullying. Mobbing is harassment from a number of people targeted at one individual. Done by a secret society. They would never admit what they are doing, but continue with the, “I’ve done nothing wrong” attitude.

They are deluded and think they are fighting some kind of war, like a terrorist fighting a holy war.

It goes on. I have stopped short of comparing you all to terrorists, but when the shoe fits…….

How many people on U.S. soil have you killed over the years?

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