White Culture?

So, the Alt Right thinks that their children have a right to grow up with white culture.

Well, they can isolate themselves from people of other races, but they do not share a heritage with really anyone else. We all come to the table carrying our unique culture. The only thing you share with those in this group is your 14 word code.

There was a time in my life when I felt like there was something missing. I did not relate to the “cultures” that were around me. I didn’t fit in quite with the Out Of State culture/people. My friends were born in the state, but their parents were from Illinois, Texas, Florida, but mostly from the Midwest it seemed.

I am a Fourth generation Californian, but in So Cal being even a second generation Californian was rare. Though later I found out that my family had more ties to So Cal then I knew.

However, I loved/love California. My drawing of a poppy and a quail was entered in an art show. I didn’t however belong in with the mindset of no mass transit and runaway growth while taking water from Nor Cal. It was a great place to grow up in when there were still orange trees and a country road to Corona Del Mar, but after a week at camp, I realized that “camp” was normal and crazy growth was not.

I sort of adopted all things California and decided to see everyone of the fantastic missions. Except, the missions were not that fantastic. That culture that I had adopted was shot down. The missions were built by slave labor. I didn’t quite see it that way until the last 15 years or so. Yes, the natives, were for the most slaves. If they ran away they were forced back. Not covered in the history books was that there were some uprisings in California. Boy did a Catholic friend react to this. She is entrenched in the goodness of the Fathers that got God points for each Indian they baptized. Willingly or not.

Like the missions being built on the backs of slaves, so was much of the south. The great plantations would not have existed. Farms, yes. Plantations. No. Much of the United States was built by slave or cheap labor. The Irish coming over as indentured servants were slaves for a while. Each group looked down upon the group that came after. Asians who do this: traitors Manzanar – Japanese concentration camps in the United States. The Chinese came for the gold and then built the railroad. Not that long after, they were the latest scapegoats who were threatening our jobs. Hence, the Chinese Exclusion Act. Second, third, fourth, fifth verse same as the first. Angel Island. Ever been there? Fascinating.

I feel more at home here. My family settled in Petaluma after the quake. 1906. After three years over to Oakland. Yes. It was during WWII that the factories opened welcoming arms to Blacks and women. Then slammed the door when the white man returned. Black women could get jobs as cheap hired laborers- in White folks’ homes.

What IS culture? It is made up of every single thing that has shaped our lives. I learned that from a professor. I am 9 years younger than the eldest, 6 years younger than the second and 6 years older than the youngest. We all have somewhat different cultures.

There really never had or never will be a particular white culture in the United States. We are all a part of a great experiment. No, we are not a melting pot. That was an illusion pushed upon us. We are a great Big tossed salad. My great family is part of my culture, but within this group are my Irish cousins (genteel southern state Irish Mom), my more English dad’s side, Quakers from our shared grandparents, our Kasitstan young ones – heading to college. My nephews – and I have no idea what their blood lineage is and couldn’t care less. But, that is just one tiny branch that is followed. Who knows where all the branches that come in have come from.

The KKK was started by some men from Scotland more or less. You are choosing to be part of the KKK culture. See how that works out for you. Keep up the hate and discrimination. You don’t agree that there is a legitimate reason for Black Lives Matter to exist? I purchased a magazine about 1968. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was shot. An Olympic champion or two raised a hand with a black glove on to bring attention to how black people are treated. Nothing much had happened since 1968. Read. “Black Like Me”. A White man becomes black. Eye opening, but you’d rather keep yours closed.

So you racist, bigots, just go. Get together and buy land and make your white culture place with the wealthy and poor. See how that works for you. You listen to those who hold the same views, hate the same people or think they are inferior, take your form of “Christianity” which is highly distorted. See how all the different factions fit together in your white culture.

I am just fine with mine. Cultures are constantly changing. My very wise dad, who had been Republican said- when I mentioned who someone in my family was dating. He said that his financial guy is going to Asia to live with his girlfriend – in her home land after he retires. Then, he just said that things are changing. At 94, aftet transforming himself, very wise words indeed.

THAT is the essence of my culture.

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