Is Your Car Possibly a KKK Car? Your Relative’s, Friends? Accessory to Crimes and Evil People. Watch the Movie, .“Gaslight”. A Crime? Most DEFINITELY…

Oh, got you riled up. I always know that I am closer to the truth when you get riled. Good! Whole disgusting lot of you. Now you know why I am doing even better than 15 months ago. I know what scum you are. Psychological torture is torture. Used in Guatanimo.

Here are the numbers and letters to look for: K, 7, 8, X, 6, 3, 9. Yes, I am talking License Plates. That just seemed way too crazy. But, I guess money can by anything, right?

I say that a 999, or 666 are trifectas, but so are 699. I see 3 added in with 6 and 9. An AAA sticker qualifies.

I was trying to stick with a trifecta when it came to 666, but I think X added to a 6 and 9 works.

Don’t see three. Well, two plus a ding in the car. The Tells usually add up to three. Alumni frame counts. Oh, and Apples. Like the apple logo.

Somewhere in this country, these type of people are guilty of murder in a moral sense. Quite a few over the years I am sure. Yes, you are.

Just like the KKK with lynchings you are. Morally. The law will catch up to you one of these days. The last “official” and known KKK lynching was in 1968. Doctors and lawyers, judges, farmers, ranchers, teachers, and all groups are covered. That is why they can do what they do so effectively.

Kill, cause joblessness, fraud, break HIPPA laws. Homelessness, mental illness, PTSD, theft, vandalism, job Mobbing, The list goes on and on and on.

If you are part black, when do you qualify. What is the cut off?.

Oh, YOU KNOW what you are doing is wrong on some level – whatever your reason.

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