Tips for Targets: Mobbing at Work

– papers moved. Maybe a single one stuck where you would not have put it

– papers taken out of the copy machine.

– someone going online to a confidential site and changing a few things. Read the hard copy or read the document. Have a personal printer.

– people saying things that are supposed to jar you a little.

– a tech person getting close enough to your computer to – can’t remember. Why would Last year’s tech person be standing in the hall working on the computer

Try to make things appear magical or like they can read your mind, but it is just smoke and mirrors. Cell phones make it easy. So does group texting. Huge groups can belong to group texts. I know. I was part of one during the fires. The fire had destroyed some Comcast station or box.

First of all, The Mobbing That is happening to me violates my Civil Rights. Second of all: second verse, same as the first: putting papers in the middle of a set of papers that are totally unrelated to the stack of papers it is placed with. Targets, yes, we all misplace things. However, something Will be moved that you could not have moved. Like the paper you had just been given found in with a stack of papers you have not gone through for a week. Blew it!

Third: people who participate are vile creatures. Look up the ultimate goal of gaslighting. The courts are starting to recognize both group harassment – cyber bullying and culpability for pushing someone over the edge. So, when laws are put in place, can someone be tried for a crime s/he committed in the past?

Tsk, tsk. Stupid moves at work. Someone makes a big deal out of finding something. I put it away, and voila, when I get it out later it is gone. Out of character. So easy peasy for my neighbor to come in and remove that object.

Mobbing is a recognized form of harassment. Look it up.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Only two people in the world knew where I put a document. Oh no! It disappeared. Was one or both of you. Multiple acts of harassment. In league with stalkers.

So many plates by fellow workers. So, so Christ like. One of you said you are a Christian. I don’t think you are worthy of that title, but it IS up to your maker you know. Decent Jews, Muslims, Christians, Native American religions, groups that follow paths: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Yep.

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