Thank goodness, yes I now have money. I will be able to retire at some point. I still like what I do. I have to sit down someone and figure it out. I doubt if I will live nearly as long as my parents, but getting old is expensive!!! Too bad about the County. One thing that would help control health care costs is to allow companies to compete with each other all over the country. Or at least that is what I heard. Isn’t competition supposed to be good? Morning and Night From South Sonoma County to North Santa Rosa SAD TELL

Shows how sick these people are. Besides the blue line flag (the company does not condone the use by the KKK), the U.S. flag (which the Alt Right has no idea how important it is to LET people burn it), .,…… another Tell is a ribbon. Yes, the cancer ribbons, the yellow ribbons (round the old oak tree), tribute ribbons…..all those ribbons. Turned on its side, that one could have slapped me across the face. Yes, it is the letter X. Imagine seeing three ribbons on their sides. Or even the right way now. Butterflies mean X. Should see something else, but it is X. Disgusting people.

FLAG – I have always said that I would not burn the U.S. flag, but that I would defend ANYONE’S right to do so. THAT is what freedom is about. THAT is what freedom of speech is about. THE right to assemble at a college campus and not be shot is what freedom is about. If I lived in a Communist country and/or a dictator led country (like under Hitler), I would not have the RIGHT TO BURN THE FLAG. I have respect for the SYMBOL that is our flag, but as far as members of the KKK flying the flag of the United States of America – …………. really? I don’t even need to continue that thought. Twisted people.

For my Stalkers (KKK, Alt Right, Slander Spreaders, Naive Do Gooders who ARE breaking Stalking laws, old skin heads, and others) AND those people who are being BRIBED!!!!

My picture of “When Pigs Fly” will go here!

On the way to the casino I saw SECURED on a plate. I don’t usually remember. My name thing. But I KNEW that I would remember SECURED. Security systems or maybe locks, but secured. Really???!!’

Backwards: from Petaluma, CA to the casino in Rohnert Park, to Kaiser Santa Rosa and thereabouts

Flicky Lights. Flicky Switch? Would be SO easy to do.

Lady sitting next to man. Don’t think they go with car in pic. Next time.

One ringy dingy. NO one dingy dingy

Too funny! See how it just looks weird from the back? Lifted tool box. I use the term corrugated. Works for me! I go right up to get the right sticker, then the left sticker, then step forward. Whoa, he had no idea I was there and I had no idea he was there. As I walked away from the truck driven by a fair white guy. Fair hair, seemed slender not old. I was saying that he must be saying, “oh Shit!”

2 might be earlier.


no license. Oh.

That is an ugly baby!!!

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