The “Start” of the Past 15 Months of Stalking by the KKK/Alt Right

So, this is mostly the beginning when I worked in Sebastopol, California. Perfect place right? Good place to hide the Alt Right group – in plain sight.

Above. Note parking lot with no vehicles with the lights on. Normal parking lot. But, over the summer there were a LOT of people parking in front of me with their bright lights shining in. How rude. A LOT of cars/trucks near mine leaving the motor running. Pet peeve, plus fumes from the motor is not good for my asthma. Coincidence. Nope. “Priming the Target” or something like that.

Los Dias de Los Muertos, 2016 – coming out of Lily Kai were two Napa Sheriffs. Or two guys in a Napa Sheriff’s vehicle.

First Vehicle photos. SFIA where I did the flippy move with my hand and a large white truck behind me flipped his one headlight on.


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