Sonoma County, California : A Hub Of Alt Right / KKK Activity

More Tells will be added here. Seems like too many, but makes it easy once you know what to look for. Golden State Warriors. The Raiders are HUGE. What better for the KKK than a skull?


BIG TELL: uneven lights, not symmetrical. If it is an important light, it is super easy to run an extra electrical wire to some type of switch – toggle, turn, ???? Really easy.

Going backwards from arriving back at Capri Creek in Petaluma, California; Kohl’s, 101; Past RP Target; came over Freeway, 116, To Road paralleling Freeway, Cleveland Ave.; Coffey Park area; to Santa Rosa Ave. (This is backwards in time); to KFC; going Santa Rosa Ave. ; to Road that goes past dog park along Freeway; back to State Farm and Kaiser, back to State Farm and work. Customary way to work.

In Kohl’s lot in Petaluma.

Boy. Haven’t figured out – red car, no plate on front way out in nowhere with plate almost touching the shrub. Wave a flag why don’t cha?

See the 999? I am either seeing Plates over and over, seeing multiple lucky winners when it comes to Alt Right, or both. I think it’s both.

Sometimes at night you just can’t see all the stickers. Just saw the one, but looking closer – oh wow!

Up above – I call this sandblasting.

The dark/Black car up above, no lights AT ALL. Then brake lights, then lights.

555. 669. Staying overnight in motels, with friends. Do all the friends know? Spouses, parents,

Made the trek to Coffey Park. Site of some family celebrations and a family member’s house.

Unusual plate frame. Three stickers. But wait – There is a disgusting 4th sticker.

Sophie’s Choice. Horrible.

Fire fighters’ choice? Disturbing, disgusting, damning. You took the oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. That includes people of ALL races, ethnic groups, religions, income, social status, mental health, disabilities, all backgrounds. YOU DARE CALL YOURSELF A FIRE FIGHTER AND BELONG TO A RACIST ORGANIZATION? WHY? I know many of you are highly educated. You have to be. It is a job requirement.

I tell people about my illness, so they can realize how ANYONE can end up acting “crazy”. A chemical imbalance. Maybe some of you need to step back and realize that one bad experience with one or many people in a group (depending on location I suppose) – one or many does not even come CLOSE to representing that population. Step back. Broke the law if you are participating in trying to cause discomfort or fear. Broke your oath. KKK leader from years back – he could not be tried for murder, BUT HE WAS guilty of denying the people he murdered their civil rights.

driver was outside the Jeep right before this picture up above. Why? Put something in the back? Was this exactly the same wheel cover that I saw? I will have to check. I have seen the one he drove in with. Rather longer vertical stripes. This or another reminds me of the KKK elongated skull. Long jaw.

Stopped by dog park.

Tells on blue Toyota: small star sticker, Chico State, door does not align, broken windshield wiper.

Palm trees

Try not to post those of people who seem to be at Kaiser every time. They probably work there. I just notice personalized. Hey, some of these belong to some regular normal people. I am sure there are some regular normal people besides the kiddos. Saw a very nice non white person today.

Duh – me. K by itself stands for Klan

Best plate I have seen. Too bad it is from Chico.

7 ARP777. Did I think once before: 7ARP777 as in having to do with retirement. There are only so many cars that can have 777 in a row. Well, maybe hundreds. But ARP and distinct numbers? No.

KX X in the middle?

Ay! Ay! Ay! My favorite way to say enough is enough or? So many things. Ricky Ricardo! His way of putting up with Lucy. More in a new Post. Manana.

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